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AMBCrypto upholds gender diversity as key to innovation in the crypto space

Women have been working for centuries, but only recently have they begun to enter the workforce in large numbers. In fact, women have only been allowed to vote for less than 100 years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that women were finally able to work outside of the home.

Before this time, society was predominantly patriarchal and expected women to stay at home and raise children while their husbands brought home most of the income. Women were not encouraged to pursue higher education or careers outside of teaching or nursing because they were seen as inferior to men.

Women have come a long way since the days of suffrage, but there’s still a long way to go. Women are still less likely to be considered for jobs, and they face a number of challenges in balancing work and family life. As a result, they’re paid less than their male counterparts.

This attitude began to change after World War II when many men were killed in battle and women were needed at home to support their families by taking over many of the jobs that had previously been performed exclusively by men (such as factory work). This was a major turning point in history because it showed that women could be just as capable as men when performing physical labor.

During this time period, many women also began pursuing higher education degrees like engineering or medicine at universities across America and around the globe. But women faced many obstacles and prejudices, which is why it took so long to be accepted as working professionals. These prejudices included a lack of education and training, as well as a lack of acceptance within their communities. 

Women also faced unequal pay for their work and were not given the same opportunities for promotion or career advancement. A few women broke through these barriers and became successful working professionals, but most women were still struggling with these issues well into the 20th century.

The tide is changing

Women are experiencing an increasingly equal role in society and in the workplace, and it is time to start acknowledging this fact. Women are no longer seen as second-class citizens as they are capable of being leaders, innovators, and problem solvers that have the ability to bring about real change.

Studies have shown that companies with more gender diversity are more profitable because they tend to be more innovative and better at solving problems. It also provides women with new career opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential as human beings instead of being limited by traditional gender roles like motherhood or housekeeping duties, which society still considers exclusively feminine even though many men do them too.

AMBCrypto, a pioneer in the crypto news and information space is one such company. The platform believes in creating a gender-inclusive workforce, in fact, more than 40% of its team consists of women. 

Architha J.B, COO of the platform described her experience leading the team, “We have a balanced team of journalists. We are still in the early years of crypto and blockchain technology and this gives us all the more reason to shape our own narrative of how we shape this ecosystem in the future.”

The blockchain sector has to make sure that it is inclusive and open to people from various cultures and backgrounds. AMBCrypto has adopted a gender-inclusive approach providing equal opportunities to everyone, the platform also takes an objective approach to its goals as a company as they believe a major part of it has been having women in its core team making those crucial decisions.