Discover Your Options for Affordable Braces

Getting braces is about more than just a beautiful smile. Misaligned teeth can lead to pain and issues with your mouth over time. Investing in something that can realign your teeth is worthwhile if it’ll lead to better overall health. Plus, a great smile is also worth it. There are more options available today than ever before when it comes to braces. 

Don’t be afraid of the big price tag. Many Orthodontist offices offer payment options that make a healthy smile more affordable. Here are some of the best options. 

Traditional Braces Tend to be the Best Price

Braces with brackets and wires have been around for decades. The tiny adjustments that your Orthodontist makes over time will help your teeth move around and into place. The great thing about this option is that they are typically the most affordable braces

The cost for these traditional braces can vary depending on how long you’ll be in treatment. Some plans only require 6 months to a year to align teeth, while others may require a few years of treatment to get straight teeth. To help, some orthodontists offer payment plans so that people can pay a little at a time. Combine that with your dental insurance, and it makes paying for braces a lot more affordable. 

Invisalign Braces Are More Discreet

Many people, adults especially, love Invisalign braces. They are less invasive than mounting brackets to your teeth and provide a discreet option for straightening teeth. While not all people will be good candidates for this option, these plastic trays help move your teeth into place over time. For people looking for affordable braces, these are a little more expensive than traditional ones, but the benefits they provide are well worth it. Some insurance companies cover Invisalign, so it’s best to check with your Orthodontist office to see if they accept your insurance policy. 

Early Intervention for Kids Braces

Waiting too long to fix a problem can make it cost more later on. In younger patients, orthodontic issues are easier to address which can make it more cost effective and affordable in the long run. Since orthodontist offices usually work with younger patients, they can often offer affordable braces options. If you have more than one person who needs braces, you may also qualify for a family discount. 

Dental Schools Offer A Cost-Effective Solution

For people near an Orthodontic dental school, they can be a very affordable option to get braces. Dental students need to practice their skills, and some people need affordable braces. This creates a great opportunity to save a lot of money on Orthodontic care. Since the students are all supervised by licensed professionals, they will ensure that all work is done right


There are many ways to get affordable braces. By looking at dental schools, metal braces, and Invisalign, you can find an option that’s right for you. Leveraging your dental insurance and even your FSAs and HSAs can provide you with even more savings. A healthy smile is an investment, but one that will yield rewards for years to come.