Gratitude and Upcoming Website Additions!


Many thanks to the 1000+ people who participated in the No Sugar Challenge! We received amazing feedback and ideas on how to make the challenge more successful, which will help us serve others better in the future. We will be developing this as a supported product and launching it sometime in April 2015.


We will also be adding a community section to our website. This will provide a support forum for individuals going through the No Sugar Challenge, and support for other programs and webinars that we will be offering soon.


On the horizon we will be bringing you more about herbs and how they can be used to aid digestion, blood sugar regulation, anxiety, and more in our upcoming “Herb Box” section.


We will also be expanding our recipe section and implementing menu plans and shopping list functions. This will enable you to look up your favorite recipes and view your shopping lists to make shopping easier. Toward the end of the year we will add a “Culinary Corner” designed to help those who don’t like to cook, cook!

We Loving Serving You! 

We are constantly adapting, changing and questioning the way we do things so that we can bring you the most helpful products, and the most support possible.
When you reach your goal, we reach our goal so please never hesitate to tell us how we can serve you better!!
In love and gratitude,
Dani, and the team at Good Decisions…Most of the Time

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