Deglamorizing Sugar

So often I see commercials of people enjoying sweet sugary treats. An ad for sugar depicts a young girl with frosting on her finger, her eyes practically rolling back into her head. Another ad for ice cream depicts a woman escaping chaos in the background as she closes her eyes and sighs.   Is Sugar A Drug? Is Sugar a […]

The 30 Day No Sugar Challenge Guidelines

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The Foundation of The Good Decisions Most of the Time Lifestyle The No Sugar Challenge is the heart of the Good Decisions…Most of the Time lifestyle. There are no portion restrictions or recommended amounts—only the requirement to eat only wholesome, natural, real foods. The No Sugar Challenge is hypoallergenic in nature and an elimination diet of sorts, designed to […]

Is Sugar a Drug? Here's What You Need to Know

  Is Sugar a Drug? Thinking of sugar as a drug is difficult. We connect sugar to birthday parties, holidays, and special occasions. Our children love us when we give them sweet treats and it’s as socially acceptable as caffeine and alcohol. But wait… aren’t caffeine and alcohol drugs? As a nutritional therapist when I talk about eliminating fast foods […]

The Downfalls of Sugar Addiction

I was feeling nostalgic today about my past and was recalling how for most of my life I was addicted to sugar. I hated the roll of fat above my jeans but I loved sugar… lots of sugar. Sugar was how I connected with myself. I didn’t discriminate. I loved ice cream just as much as I loved jelly beans and Snickers®, but […]

How to Stop Eating Sugar

  How to Stop Eating Sugar, That is The Question. Once you get started, it can be difficult to stop eating sugar. It tickles your dopamine center and your eyes roll to the back of your head and a sigh escapes your lips.. Well, maybe one more bite. Do you constantly need something sweet? Do you crave refined carbohydrates, such as […]

5 Steps to Improved Mental Clarity

Tired of forgetting where you put your keys? Can’t remember the name of your co-worker who has worked next to you for five years? Frustrated because you can’t seem to find the solution to a problem you have been working on for weeks? Mental fog is something we have all experienced at one time or another. Fortunately, it is something […]

5 Tips To Overcoming Sugar Addiction

There can be some very powerful physical and emotional hurdles involved in removing sugar from our diets. Eliminating the physical cravings is one thing, but if we don’t look at how we may be using sugar emotionally, we only win half of the battle and we may still be driven toward sugar.    Emotional Support If we have become accustomed […]

Gratitude and Upcoming Website Additions!

Many thanks to the 1000+ people who participated in the No Sugar Challenge! We received amazing feedback and ideas on how to make the challenge more successful, which will help us serve others better in the future. We will be developing this as a supported product and launching it sometime in April 2015. Community We will also be adding a […]