How Online Agencies Are Growing After the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic many small businesses were forced to close their doors. With social distance policies keeping customers at home and out of stores, small business owners were unable to keep their sales up to enough to stay open. While many businesses were closing, there were more online businesses that were starting in order for small business owners to continue making a living. 

In 2020, Americans created 2,8 billion more online microbusinesses than they did in 2019.  With so many customers shopping online during the pandemic, many of these small businesses were able to garner more success than if they were in a physical store locationNow after the pandemic, 67% of these micro businesses are on track to grow into full-time operations. In order to grow and continue being successful, these small businesses are taking full advantage of digital operations in order to be more efficient. 

Optimized business systems are a great way for small business owners to optimize their productivity and efficiency while they grow their microbusinesses. These systems are able to track progress and streamline their work to run more efficiently. This is important since most small business owners handle almost all aspects of their business and it can be overwhelming at times. Learn more about how digital agency growth is happening by using business systems to grow after the pandemic in the infographic below: