Signs You Need To Look Into Divorce For The Good Of Your Children

Divorce impacts around 2 of 5 marriages in the United States. Numbers fluctuate by country with some being higher and others being far lower. Factors in these numbers include the legality of divorce around the world as it is frowned upon in a severe way in some countries. Divorce could be for the good of you as well as your children. Living in a home full of tension can leqad to lasting effects of anxiety on your children as they grow into adults. The following are signs that divorce is your best option when considering the health/safety of the children. 

Substance Abuse

Couples might be in a codependent relationship in a number of ways. Enabling one another to engage in substance abuse regularly is not something that children should be exposed to. Addiction is something that can trap an entire family financially. The cycle of addiction repeats in a number of families so breaking this cycle is imperative. 


Addiction does not just come in the form of substance abuse. The addiction of gambling is something that can cost a multitude of money. The rush of winning is something that keeps some gamblers coming back until they have run out of cash and credit. Financial stress can lead to so many issues in a marriage that children should not be exposed to. Family law attorneys understand the reasons for divorce and look to represent you in the best way possible. 

Financial Manipulation

Financial manipulation happens when divorce is threatened and can happen anytime an issue arises. The truth is that both parties are entitled to property after a divorce unless you signed some kind of wildly unfair prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements can work in the favor of both parties which is why you should have your legal representation write a counter agreement. Both parties need to be protected and held accountable rather than just the spouse with less to lose financially. 

Infidelity Comes In A Number Of Forms 

Cheating used to come in the physical form as staying in contact with an affair partner was too difficult in the time of only having home phones. Today’s world is full of dating apps with married people posing as single individuals. Emotional cheating is far easier when people can stay in contact constantly via smartphones. There are some people that can get over cheating but a majority of couples cannot overcome the breach of trust that has been committed. 


Divorce that is caused by rampant infidelity can impact children in an immensely negative way. The relationships of your children as they age can be impacted so badly by infidelity in their parent’s marriage. Entering counseling is the best way to overcome infidelity as a couple. Tough conversations have to be had in order for closure to be achieved if it is at all possible. 

Abuse In Any Form 

Financial manipulation that is mentioned above can be considered a form of abuse. There are some forms of abuse that are far less noticeable than that of physical abuse. Mental abuse does not leave physical marks but can be even more damaging than physical abuse in some cases. Abuse is not something that you should subject your children to even if the abuse is just directed at you. There will be a day where the abuse trickles down to your children in one form or another as abusers don’t discriminate. 

The number of signs it is time for a divorce could be countless in some marriages. Other marriages simply are not happy but rather just go through the motions. You want to live a happy life and allow your children to see both of their parents happy. Divorce can be for the good of the kids, the best case scenario is when both parties agree it is time for divorce and it is not contentious in the slightest.

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