Smart Home Tech In The Younger Generations’ Homes

Millions of people around the world, especially younger generations, are incorporating smart home tech into their homes. Nearly 70% of all American households have at least one smart device, with that number only continuing to increase. There are globally 175 million smart homes with over 300 million smart devices shipped in 2021 alone, along with a projected 1.77 billion total devices shipped by 2025. Smart devices of all kinds for all around the house are being rapidly adopted. Speakers, TVs, smart bulbs, and even smart refrigerators and dishwashers are all carving out their own space as people begin to modernize their homes.

Millennial and Gen Z buyers have fallen in love with smart home tech and are clamoring for their own piece of the smart home pie. Over 85% of millennials would pay more to have a connected home and many new homeowners want smart devices and smart security in their homes. Younger generations see adopting this new tech as a positive as it can help save money as well as add convenience and security to their homes. 

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Smart Devices and Homes of the Future