The Future of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the only product in the cannabis family that has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for a seizure disorder in children. Since the Farm Bill of 2018, there are many people who are currently on a personal journey to discover the many benefits of this compound for their own nervous system conditions.

The Future of CBD

Because CBD can be used in so many formats and offers unique benefits to each user, the future of CBD is bright. Unlike THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD cannot get you high. It can offer you a sense of calm and soothe irritations, including everything from skin irritation to mental agitation.

People may choose to a a CBD isolate powder to a favorite beverage on a stressful day. They might instead choose to wear a patch for slow treatment of chronic pain.

Of course, CBD is not a panacea. There is the chance that too much CBD can cause problems for your gut, or that it can interact with other medications. As it becomes more mainstream, the medical community is developing a wider awareness of benefits and risks.

If you’re on any daily medications, make sure you discuss your plans for CBD use with your physician to avoid a dangerous drug interaction.

The Benefits of Using CBD

Once CBD is taken into the body, it combines with endocannabinoid receptors throughout your nervous system. This binding can slow the transmission of unpleasant symptoms, from nerve pain to anxious thoughts. For those struggling with conditions of chronic pain, microdoses of CBD can greatly reduce their discomfort and give them options for a healthier life.

CBD can also provide topical relief. Creams, lotions and lip balms can soothe inflamed skin and sore joints. CBD oil, taken under the tongue in a full dose, can help you quickly fall asleep. Taken in small doses, such as by dropper into food or drink, it can take the edge off of a stressful day.

You can also use CBD in edible gummies. It’s important to note that a full dosage of CBD can make you sleepy. That may be your goal, or it may be an unpleasant side effect. To make sure you’re getting the results you want, consider taking half a gummie to help you reduce the risk of a daily tension headache. A small CBD oil capsule with a large meal can also stretch out your dosage across an afternoon.

As noted above, the results from CBD can be different from person to person. Keep a small notebook that you can use to track your initial condition, your dosage and your results. It’s not possible to build up a tolerance to CBD, but you may find that, over time, you can lower your dosage. By tracking your dose and your results, you can scale back your dosage to suit your current needs.

Cannabidiol is not a panacea and it can’t be taken by everyone. However, with careful attention to your goals and your dosage, you can gain incredible benefits from this product.