Tips To Increase Your Hair Growth Rate

Hair is something that plays a big part in your overall appearance, and when you begin to lose it, it can have a terrible impact on your confidence. When facing extreme hair loss, some people may turn to more permanent procedures like a hair transplant in Turkey. This allows them to regrow their lost hair and regain their sense of self back. However, there are less permanent alternatives that you can try that could help with how quickly your hair grows. Even after a hair transplant, you still might want to be encouraging your hair to grow quickly, and there are natural remedies that are said to help. Here are some top tips to help increase your hair growth rate. 

Increase Your Protein

Protein is essential to your diet, and without it, you’ll soon notice the difference in your hair health. Natural protein from food is the best way to get your daily intake and ensuring you get your recommended amount is crucial for keeping your hair healthy. If you don’t have enough protein in your diet, then your hair rate will slow down, your hair will become brittle, and it could even start to fall out. So, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet if you want to help increase your hair growth rate. 

Get Trims

If you want to encourage hair growth, then you actually need to get your hair cut regularly. If you have split ends and don’t get them snipped off, then they could cause the entire hair shaft to split. This would then mean you have to cut your hair even shorter in order to rectify this. Getting regular trims will help get rid of any breakage or damage, enabling your healthy hair to keep growing. 

Eat Enough Vitamins

As well as protein, you need to make sure you’re also eating enough vitamins and minerals. Iron and vitamin C are crucial if you want to improve how quickly your hair grows. It takes a lot of energy for your body to grow hair, and without the right nutrients, it will struggle to maintain optimal hair growth. Supplements can be useful, but only take them if your doctor has advised, otherwise you may end up taking too many. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a common reason why people’s hair starts to thin and become brittle, so ensuring you keep yourself topped up on them can help immensely.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only great for helping you relax, but they could potentially help speed up your hair growth, including beard growth. Incorporating a beard grooming kit that includes essential oils can provide nourishment to the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining a well-groomed beard. Studies have shown that the use of pumpkin seed oil can increase your hair count by up to 40%. Rosemary oil is also said to be as effective as some prescription drugs in aiding hair regrowth. This oil can be applied directly to the scalp and with continuous use, you could see results within a month. 

Hydrate Your Hair

If you aren’t big on using hair products, you should start looking into them if you want to improve your hair growth rate. You should really keep your hair hydrated and ensure that it receives enough moisture. If it doesn’t, you can cause damage and your hair will struggle to grow. Start by doing weekly hair masks to inject much needed moisture into your hair and add a deep conditioner to your routine. Shampoo is good at removing dirt and grease from your hair, but it also strips it of any natural oils. This is why it’s important that you add extra hydration into your hair care routine. 

Avoid Heat

If you really want to keep your hair in optimal condition to allow your hair growth rate to increase, you should try to avoid heat as much as possible. This means things like hair drying, straightening, and more. If you must do them, then make sure you use an excellent heat protector so that the harshness of the tool doesn’t damage your hair. Avoiding heat also applies to hot showers. When washing your hair, it’s best to use lukewarm water as if it’s too hot, it will dry your hair out and could cause brittleness. Try keeping your hair away from heat when styling when you can, and you’ll definitely see an improvement. 

Be Gentle On Your Hair

As well as trying to avoid heat, you also need to be gentle on your hair in other ways. For example, don’t keep dyeing or bleaching your hair as it will end up causing more damage than it’s worth. If you go to the salon, you could ask for them to darken your hair slightly so that the upkeep isn’t as intense. If you do your hair at home, then try not to colour or bleach it at all. Home hair dye kits tend to be way harsher than the professional ones, so it could be a good idea to leave it for a while. This combined with nourishing your hair will help it regain any health and improve the rate that which it grows. 

If you find that no natural remedy is helping, it might be a good idea to speak to the experts and see if there’s an underlying issue. Hair growth isn’t easy and if you’re hair’s growing slower than it should, you may want to just give up. But, when it comes to hair, persistence is key. You need to make your hair routine a habit and it will soon become second nature. Once you establish your hair health, you’ll find that it rejuvenates quickly and will grow much faster.