5th grade school supplies
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What Do You Need For 5th Grade School Supplies?

Back-to-school shopping is one of the best parts of a new school year for kids. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of opening a new pack of pencils or finding the perfect backpack to match your personality. But, as each year passes, the school supply list changes and grows along with your child, so how do parents know what are the right items needed for each grade level?


Typically, most schools will have a supply list posted on their website that parents can reference. Often, teachers will email a list of preferred items as well or cover this information within the first few days of school. If you are a parent who likes to plan ahead though, there are a few standard items that you can usually predict you’ll need for 5th grade school supplies.


What Do You Need For 5th Grade School Supplies?

Here are some of the basic school supplies that you may need when shopping for your 5th grader:


  1. Pencils
    The true staple of school supplies, the standard number 2 pencil tops the list here, but your student may also need mechanical pencils or colored pencils that can be used for art, geography or science projects.
  2. Pens
    Black, blue and red ink pens are an essential component of school supply lists.
  3. Highlighters, markers and dry erase markers
    Students in 5th grade may need an assortment of both dry erase and colored markers, as well as a few highlighters for their personal supplies.
  4. Folders, notebooks and filler paper
    Folders, wide-ruled notebooks and loose-leaf wide-ruled filler paper are fairly customary supplies that will be needed in 5th grade. Teachers will also often request a package of plain copy paper that can be used for projects or donated to the class for general use.
  5. Sticky notes and index cards
    Teachers may request that students have sticky notes and index cards available for various assignments, projects and study methods.
  6. Glue and glue sticks
    Having both a bottle of white school glue and glue sticks available will ensure your student is prepared to complete any number of projects throughout the year.
  7. Erasers, scissors, pencil case and a ruler
    A pencil case or pouch helps keep daily necessities organized and close at hand, and a ruler and scissors can be useful for math, social studies, science or art assignments.
  8. Headphones and a calculator
    These supplies are becoming increasingly common requirements for students in 5th grade as they become more independent and embark on more advanced work.
  9. Tissues, hand wipes and hand sanitizer
    Just as essential as pens and paper, students will need a supply of tissues, hand wipes and hand sanitizer to help keep them healthy throughout the year.


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Keep in mind, each teacher and each school will have varying expectations for what you need for 5th grade school supplies. These ideas can be a great way to get started on shopping and research though, until you receive more details from your child’s school or teacher. Browsing the aisles and online sites can be a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your child too, as you share the joy and anticipation that a new school year brings.


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