man snoring with wife covering her ears with pillow
Snoring man sleeping with apnea and sleepless woman, angry wife unable to get to sleep. Upset young african american lady covers ears with pillow so as not to hear noise from snoring guy in bedroom

What Is Causing Your Snoring?

Has your significant other ever turned you on your side while you’re sleeping because they can’t stand to hear you snore anymore? Or have you ever woken yourself up from snoring so loud? As annoying as that may be, there’s something that is causing it. So, instead of constantly tossing and turning to ensure you stop making those noises out of your mouth or nose, try getting to the root of the problem and see what’s causing it. 

What is Snoring?

Snoring is a hoarse sound that comes out of your nose or mouth when you sleep because the air isn’t flowing easily. 

The Causes of Snoring

Snoring is a very common effect that happens when you’re sleeping and your breathing is partially obstructed, whether that be from a stuffy nose or something similar. Other reasons your breathing can be blocked can include alcohol and other muscle-relaxing sedatives, excess body fat, pregnancy hormones, low muscle tone or muscle weakness in the mouth, nose, or throat, structural differences in the area that decrease the size of the airways, or bulky soft tissue, including enlarged adenoids, tonsils or tongue.


Often, snoring can be associated with a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – loud snoring intertwined with periods of silence when breathing either stops completely or nearly. If this happens, it may lead to you waking up, and you may awaken with a loud snort or gasping sound.

Signs of OSA

Just because you snore, doesn’t mean that you will have OSA. However, here are the signs of what to look out for:


  • Your breathing pauses while you sleep
  • You’re sleeping during the day 
  • It’s difficult to concentrate
  • You wake up with headaches
  • You wake up with a sore throat
  • Restless sleep at night
  • You gasp or choke throughout the night 
  • You experience high blood pressure
  • You develop chest pain at night
  • Your snoring is so loud other people cannot sleep

If you’re experiencing any f these symptoms, it may be time to see a doctor. 

How to Treat Snoring 

If you’re tired of snoring and want to get the problem fixed, there are some ways to treat it. First off, it’s lifestyle changes. If you’re overweight, try maintaining a healthier goal, and can help reduce snoring. Furthermore, avoid alcohol before bed and/or change your sleep position. In addition, you can also wear nasal strips to bed, which are flexible bands that tape to the outside of your nose to help keep nasal passages open. 

Medications are also a good method to help correct your snoring. For example, if your nose is stuffy, cold and allergy medications can help with nasal congestion. Finally, oral appliances like a mouthguard can help relieve snoring. It does this by keeping your jaw in the proper position so the air can flow. This isn’t to be confused with a sports mouthguard!  

Although snoring is very common and can happen to most people, it can be a nuisance to you and those around you. Snoring can be caused by many problems, but thankfully they can be corrected or treated properly, including the most severe cases. So say “goodbye” to those unwanted midnight noises and hello to peaceful and restful sleep for all. 

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