What To Do When You Need A Fresh Start

A fresh start in a new place can give you a brand new perspective on challenges you may have been facing. Starting fresh can also help you shed relationships that are no longer healthy. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment, a new city, or a new state, the tips below will make the process easier to manage.


Figure Out What You Love

If you love nature and hiking in the mountains, you’re not going to be happy in the Midwest. Because remote work and the gig economy allow us to support ourselves in many different ways, it is possible to live far from where you work.

To that end, figure out how you want to balance your work and your life. You may have to put in more hours to afford an apartment near the mountains, but you may also enjoy your time away from work so much more that it will be completely worth it.

Instead of scrambling to the mountains or the beach once a year for a 2-week vacation, you can structure a life that allows you to engage in your favorite activities on a weekly basis. With this easy proximity, you can take a hard look at your current priorities and make healthy choices that will help you build the future you visualize.


Decide What You Really Need

Often, a fresh start includes decluttering and downsizing before you launch your new life. To that end, gather up sturdy boxes, black trash bags and white trash bags. Circle the rooms of your home counterclockwise and discard anything worn, stained, or broken in the black bag. Next circle the room clockwise and put anything still usable but unwanted in the white trash bag. Finally, pack the items you want in the box.

Your fresh start will be made simpler with help from long-distance movers, but it is crucial that you shed unwanted items before you pack. As soon as a bag of trash is full, take it to the dumpster. When your bag of donation items is loaded, put it in the trunk of your car and drop it off the next time you drive anywhere. Downsizing is all about decision-making, and decision-making can be exhausting. As soon as you have made your choices, act on them.


Choose a More Positive Life

When you gather with friends, what do you discuss? Do you talk about ideas and events or do you gossip? When you have these conversations, do you ever say things about people that you would never say to them?

We are often the sum of the people we spend time with. If you’re tired of negativity, pay attention to the shows you watch and the people you connect with. A fresh start is an ideal time to stop negative or hurtful behaviors. Choosing kindness can lead to a more positive, optimistic life.

Starting fresh is easier in a new location. Choose activities and settings that inspire you. Take items that you value to your new home. Focus on the future you want.