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Want to know more about food and nutrition? Purchase our book. Want to get off sugar for good? Take our challenge. Want to get rid of that stubborn muffin top? Check out our recipe book. Want to overcome emotional eating and make your changes last a lifetime? Become Finally Free. What is life calling you to become? 


  • “I cannot recommend the No Sugar Challenge enough. After only 2 weeks my cravings were gone and I felt more in control and grounded than I have in years. I have more energy, I sleep better, and am more engaged with life and loved ones. I love how Dani also works with mindset and addresses the challenges we all face with implementation” 

    — Tanya Grayson, Seattle
  • "Good Decisions helped me lose 48 pounds! I learned how sugar was keeping me stuck, heavy and lethargic and how to move out of it. Getting off sugar increased my energy levels, brought my hormones back into balance, and gave me incredible mental clarity. I couldn’t have done it without the daily emails and support of the Good Decisions Tribe." 

    — Tammy, Chicago
  • “Like many women approaching forty, I found myself overweight. Rather than try all the fad diets, I reached out to Dani and asked for help. Here are some of the rewards I experienced on the No Sugar Challenge: Energy all day (no crashes), glowing skin, healthy hair, weight loss, and regularity. 😉 I have maintained my gains for 3 years and am Finally Free!” 

    — Wendy Miller, Seattle
  • “The 30 Day No Sugar Challenge detox was not easy, but Dani’s support both emotionally and food wise made all the difference. Every week I received a shopping list and weekly menu so that I didn’t have to give what I was going to eat a second thought. She made it easy and I really enjoyed the community support and engagement. I continue to cook the recipes to this day. The results were weight loss, but more importantly I have never felt better!” 

    — Bethany Williamson
  • “I did the No Sugar Challenge while reading Dani's book. The homework at the end of each chapter really helped keep me on track after the challenge was over. I lost the most stubborn 15 pounds of my life, which was all I needed. After the challenge I joined the Finally Free Intuitive Eating and Empowerment workshop. I have kept the weight off now for over a year and I feel Finally Free and at peace with food and my body. I love me.” 

    — Elise, Idaho
  • “At first I thought I would rip someone's head off! Lol! But with the Facebook group support I managed to make it through. Now that it's all over I have zero cravings for sugar, sleep better than I have in years and am thrilled to keep going and stay off sugar for good. I didn't lose weight, but what happened was reduced bloating and gas, improved digestion and I feel firmer and more energetic. Thank you Dani!” 

    — Carol, Bend Oregon
  • “I do the No Sugar Challenge every year. It is my reset and my foundation that I feel best on. The foods are delicious, easy, and the online support and encouragement is incredible. I'm 260 pounds now so weight loss for me has been slow and steady with some ups and downs for sure, but I've lost 87 pounds overall and counting. Thank you Good Decisions for consistency, support and inspiration!” 

    — Holly, Kansas

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Mission Statement

To provide a foundational and educational platform that empowers you to choose through knowledge and empowerment. To help you move beyond addicting foods and into a healthy mindset where judging food, guilt, and shame are a thing of the past. We help you choose from a place of truth and knowledge, where you can move beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and untrue stories so you can implement successfully. You have all you need within you. We just show you how to access it. 

We take you on a journey of self-discovery from the head to the heart. From this place there is no need to feed, sooth, or avoid anything.

Danielle Brooks, Founder

Author of “Good Decisions… Most of the Time,” Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist and Intuitive Eating Teacher, Danielle has worked in the health care field for over two decades. She sold her company and launched Good Decisions Finally Free™ in 2020 with the vision to use our relationship with food and ourselves as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation. She hopes to elevate global consciousness and evolve how we relate to food and our bodies.
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