Make peace with food and your body!

Hi, my name is Dani. I help people self-govern effectively around food by creating effective and impactful programs, workshops, and courses. My businesses help people heal and thrive.

Because Life is Too Short NOT to Eat Chocolate!


Eat Real Food, Feel Great, and Find the Missing Piece of the Weight Loss Puzzle. (hint: its not about willpower or food!) No junk, ever. Just healthy stuff.
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Healthy Living Recipes

“Like many women approaching forty, I found myself at a weight I wasn’t happy with, and rather than try all the fad diets I had tried before, I reached out to Dani and asked for help to manage my weight. Here are some of the other rewards from following Dani: energy all day (no crashes), glowing skin, healthy hair, weight loss, regularity, etc.… To this day, both my husband and I have changed our eating habits, not for weight control but to make us feel better and hopefully live longer.”

— Wendy Miller

Are You Addicted to Sugar? Find Out Now!

Complete the Quiz and Get 5 Tips to Break Free From Sugars Sweet Temptation!

Popular Programs

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The 30 Day No Sugar Challenge

DEAL: $27.00


Eliminate Sugar Cravings Once And For All With Our 30-Day Sugar Detox. Better yet, get a friend to do it with you. It’s fully supported and best of all, you have access to your personal nutritional therapist!

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Good Decisions Tribe Membership

DEAL: $20.00 / month


Tribe is designed to guide you into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines. It orients you to what Good Decisions is all about and supports you into this delicious and healthy way of eating. Tribe inspires, encourages, and uplifts not just short term, but for the long term.

  • The Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines
  • One strategy every week via email
  • Access to your own Nutritional Therapist
  • Special discounts on products
  • Access to our Private Facebook Support Group

Oh! And you get one free month to check it out. If it doesn’t jive, just cancel.

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Finally Free 7 Week Workshop

For Nutrition Professionals

Be one of the first holistic nutrition practitioners in the world to teach this transformational 7 week intuitive eating and empowerment workshop

• Easily grow your nutritional therapy practice
• Learn the skills to be an exceptional coach
• Get past the three session slump
• Teach intuitive eating
• Break negative patterns
• Connect and build trust with your clients
• Take your clients on their entire health and wellness journey


FINALLY FREE is a complete, ready-to-teach 7-week Intuitive Eating and Empowerment workshop. This business in a box includes marketing materials and all you need to build and grow your practice.

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Individual Guidance Specifically For You and Your Needs


Work with Dani, one on one.

What’s Included:

  • Initial Consult: $295. Includes the 90-minute phone appointment
  • Case Review and Customized Eating Plan: $610. Includes a detailed plan with dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations
  • 3 Regular Follow-ups: $240 each for 90 minutes