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SomatoEmotional Release: Discovering Pissy

I have a friend who is launching a new website on yoga and physical therapy and putting together some really great guided meditations on SomatoEmotional Release, which basically means the release of emotions stored in tissue memory. She sent me one of her sessions asking for some feedback, so today I created some space to allow myself to be taken on one of her wonderful guided journeys. (Keep in mind this is the woman who helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. She brought me back in touch with my spitfire younger self who wielded a sword like Conan the Barbarian and used the F bomb like it was going out of style.)

I started the recording and relaxed as she explained a little about SomatoEmotional Release and how it might help me to discover what I was holding in my body and how I might let it go. Her voice told me to trust what I see, feel, and hear. She instructed me to scan my body and see what my body was presenting. I discovered that I had a tight band of tension around my head. The area felt kind of wound up and was shaped like a Beats headsets around the middle of my head. When she guided me to ask this area its name I immediately heard the response, “Pissy.” I almost laughed out loud as this voice in my head named Pissy certainly was pissy and I could sense her attitude without a doubt.

I was guided to have a conversation with Pissy and discovered that she had been with me for many years. Through my friends guided meditation, I discovered that Pissy’s purpose was to protect me from feeling out of control. My mom had left me at 18 and I’d had a couple of verbally abusive relationships, which meant there were many times in my life where I did not have control. Pissy’s job was to make sure I was in control at all times so I would not get hurt. Whenever I was not in control, or doing something I didn’t want to do, Pissy would get pissy and try to take control of the situation to create a safe space for me. 

My friend’s voice asked if I still needed Pissy. My answer was no, and I could immediately feel Pissy getting pissy! I then asked Pissy if she was willing to leave. She basically said, “Hell no!”, “You need me to keep you safe!” She did not want to leave. So, with my friend’s guidance, Pissy and I came to an understanding that while her role was very important at one time in my life, she was no longer needed in the same capacity. I asked her how she would feel about taking on a new job lounging around on a couch for a while and sending feelings of peace and comfort to my body, and the mantra: “Everything is as it should be. Good things are coming”. Pissy relaxed immediately and liked this idea very much. She mentioned that she really was very tired of being pissy and the couch sounded wonderful.

We repeated this mantra many times until she was comfortable with it. She decided that she wanted “her couch” to be at the top of my head so that she could open my crown chakra and send peace, comfort and the message that “Everything is as it should be. Good things are coming”, from the top of my head, down my spine and through my entire body. I agreed that this was a fantastic idea. 

Pissy made it clear that she didn’t like her name, so we decided to change it to Suzie instead.

Now, I keep hearing Suzie in my head repeating her mantra and sending it to my entire body: “Peace,” “Comfort,” “Everything is as it should be,” and, “Good things are coming”.

All of this happened within a short 20 minute guided meditation! Crazy, right?!

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