3 Signs of a Good Quality Pumping Bra

Pumping bras are important, even essential for some, and have been soaring in popularity. Mainly, this is because they allow you to pump as a new mother for your baby while still being able to use your hands if you want. Pumping bras work by supporting the flanges of the breast pump to keep them in place as you use the breast pump. With a pumping bra, you can effortlessly fix the breast pump to your breast so that you can be hands-free while you are expelling milk. Because of this, pumping bras are very beneficial, especially if you are someone who multitasks often.

How Is a Pumping Bra Different Than a Nursing Bra?

A pumping bra is a type of nursing bra. In particular, pumping bras are a kind of nursing bra that allows you to fasten your breast pump flanges and pump for hands-free pumping. The term flange refers to a part of the breast pump, shaped like a funnel, that connects to your body when you place it onto the breast and the nipple, producing an airtight seal with your areola. A flange is necessary for the breast pump because it draws your nipple into the pump’s tunnel for milk extraction.

A nursing bra, on the other hand, is only for nursing. Without a pumping bra, you would typically need to hold all your pump equipment in your hands while you pump. But a nursing bra can significantly help make the entire process of pumping as a new mother a more comfortable, enjoyable, and effortless experience overall. A nursing bra will generally unclip to reveal your breast so that you can feed your baby first-hand and directly. However, a pumping bra instead has incisions in the fabric over the nipple area that hold the flanges of your breast pump firmly against your skin.

How Do I Know if a Pumping Bra Is of Good Quality?

A pumping bra that is the appropriate size and fit and of high quality will not dig into your shoulders or your ribs. The fit should be comfortable but tight-fitting, yet not to the point where you cannot move around or sit comfortably. If a bra is too tight-fitting, it can potentially lower your supply of milk or additionally result in the clogging of your milk ducts. Therefore, it is worth considering purchasing bras with adjustability in the back. As a rule of thumb, pumping bras should ordinarily be straightforward and quick to get on and take off, and they should not have complex or elaborate straps or hooks that are challenging to reach in the first place. Here, we will list and discuss in more detail various more significant signs that indicate if a pumping bra is of good quality or not. The following are three signs that a pumping bra is of good quality to purchase:


  1. A good quality pumping bra should be able to provide you with support when you are pumping. In this sense, it should provide adequate coverage and room so that it can securely and safely get to the flanges of the inside of your breast pump.


  1. A good quality pumping bra brand can offer an extensive array of sizes and variety in style. No matter what the size of your breasts might be, a brand carrying pumping bras should be able to offer a pumping bra to new moms in many different size ranges if they are truly quality. An additional bonus is that the brand can provide an assortment of styles to fit anyone’s aesthetic and personality.


  1. A good quality pumping bra will also be of quality material. If a pumping bra has quality materials, it will be quick and easy to take on and off and provide more comfort than those not of quality materials. When buying a pumping bra made of quality material, even though the choice is ultimately personal, some notable materials that quality pumping bras have include nylon and spandex. Specifically, these kinds of materials offer elasticity, allowing it all to stay in place and have serious support due to the rigidness. Further, with stretchy fabric, it maintains comfort and snug softness. It can even expand or become more compact, depending on the changes in your body and breast size as you go about your days pumping and breastfeeding.