4 Ways to Lower the Stress Levels of Your Sales Team

4 Ways to Lower the Stress Levels of Your Sales Team

Working as a sales representative is one of the most rewarding and highest-paying jobs. However, it can bring its share of stress and frustration. Many factors can contribute to stress, especially when you’re doing your best and meeting your goals.

It’s no wonder that your sales team is stressed out. Sales is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs in the nation. Some experience migraines, long hours, and struggles with work-life balance. Thankfully, there are four ways that you can reduce the stress among your sales team and make it an enjoyable and motivating place to work.

1- Encourage Breaks

It’s important for your sales team to take small breaks every 30 minutes. They should even get up every two to three hours to get the blood flowing. Sales and performance metrics can bring stress — especially when sitting for long periods at a time. Instead of acting like a micro-manager, you can encourage your employees to take a 10-minute break every hour and a half.

Every time your employees get up from their seats, they immediately feel refreshed and energized. This will help them get back into work mode. Other ways of taking breaks include taking a short walk outside, getting some sunshine, and performing stretches at the desk.

2- Have a Compensation Plan

One way to reduce stress is to have a compensation plan. A compensation plan outlines the bonuses, pay rate, insurance, insurance, vacation pay, and sick time. Make sure that everything outlined in the plan is fair among your employees. This can help boost morale and employee productivity. Your compensation plan should also meet federal and state laws. Ask an HR professional to review the compensation plan for compliance and competitive reasons.

3- Bring Fun to Work

Work should be fun. Remind your sales team that they don’t have to take everything so seriously. Allow them to make mistakes just as long as it doesn’t cost the company. Embrace these mistakes and let them become opportunities to improve themselves. Other ways to bring more fun to work include employee outings, team-building activities, sending a letter of appreciation to your employees, and giving to the top sellers. At the start of meetings, you can ask an ice-breaker question or arrange to have the meeting catered.

4- Seek a Balance

Customer experience is top when it comes to KPIs in sales. Yet, you don’t want to focus most of your time on leads and prospects. You should also nurture your customers since they’re more likely to purchase from you again. Train your sales team to strike a balance between your prospects, leads, and customers, and you’ll be more likely to achieve success.

Remember, that both your employees and customers are people too and they experience stress just like anyone else. If your sales team follows these tips and uses opensymmetry.com, they will experience less stress in their careers. They’ll even be more motivated to show up to work and exceed their goals. In just a short time, you will experience substantial growth. One important thing to keep in mind is that employees and customers are people too.