5 Non-Medical Side-Gigs For Physicians

Physicians may seem like they do not need a side gig. But with some side gigs, there is an attractive opportunity to make money passively while you sleep. Furthermore, a side gig often is not about the money. It can be about pursuing some other hobby or passion.

There are plenty of medical side gig opportunities for physicians, such as looking into medical spa franchise opportunities. But for those looking to branch out, here are a few non-medical side gigs to consider.

Real Estate

Real estate has always been a popular side gig with physicians, and for good reason. It represents a hedge against inflation, is a real way to diversify your income, and can build long-term wealth for when you retire.

Real estate investing is a topic in and of itself, but there are generally two forms of real estate investing. You can put your money into a REIT or other fund and look for the best investment opportunities. Or you can actively invest, by buying properties and either selling or renting them out. This offers greater potential returns but is riskier and will take up more of your time. Decide for yourself which is the best option.


A podcast may not offer the same financial opportunities compared to real estate, but it offers unique advantages. Plenty of people want to hear what a physician has to say about various topics. Medical topics are the obvious choice, but you can run a podcast on a completely unrelated topic and people will still often want to listen to what a respected doctor might have to say on it.

Podcasts can make money through advertising, subscriptions, and marketing. They also represent an opportunity to get in touch with people you might not have considered otherwise.


If you are not interested in podcasting but still want to use your knowledge, then writing can be an alternative option. Writing, like podcasting, can represent a venue to use your medical knowledge, while also letting you branch out if you wish.

If you are getting into writing for the first time, it may be a good idea to start by freelancing and writing smaller articles on places like Upwork. As you become more confident, you can branch out into other kinds of writing and consider even writing a book. Personal finance is a non-medical topic where many will still trust a physician’s knowledge.


Plenty of people are interested in teaching but fear the time and money expense it often entails. Tutoring represents a cheaper and easier alternative which can still pay decently well.

For physicians, you can help students prepare for the MCAT or other entrance tests. You can do this online and work one-on-one or with multiple students at once. For the more ambitious, you could even consider signing up as a substitute teacher with your local school district, as they are constantly in need of teachers.

Final Thoughts

There are all sorts of other things which a physician can do on the side and make some cash. Some other popular side gigs include consulting, making arts and crafts, and even playing music. A side gig can be about making some real money, or it can be about making a little money off the side of your hobby. That freedom represents the best of side gigs.