6 Essential Winter 2023 Baby Tips For Optimal Wellness

6 Essential Winter 2023 Baby Tips For Optimal Wellness

You want your baby to be happy and healthy all year long. Winter is often a harder time of year for all of us, and that includes your little ones. These tips will help your baby remain happy, healthy, and thriving for winter 2023 and beyond.

Ensuring Your Baby Gets a Good Night Sleep

Create a consistent routine that calms your baby around bedtime. Common elements include bathtime, cuddles, and singing. Stop at a specific point or time every night, putting your baby to bed while they’re drowsy but not already asleep, which helps them learn that bedtime is about the process of falling asleep.

Giving Your Baby Vitamin D

Your baby needs nutrients to grow and thrive but it can be hard to determine which ones, such as vitamin D vs vitamin C. Most babies don’t need vitamin C but they do need vitamin D. It is an important nutrient for helping little ones grow healthy bones and avoid bone-related ailments such as rickets. Your pediatrician can help you determine how much your little one needs and how to best administer it.

Taking Care of Your Teething Baby

Teething often causes pain and discomfort for your baby, but there are things you can do to help them feel better. Common methods of relieving the pain include massaging the gums, letting them suck or chew on a cold or frozen washcloth, or providing your baby with refrigerated or frozen teething toys. Pediatrician-approved pain medication or natural products like Wellements Baby Tooth Oil can also help your little one to feel better.

Layering Clothing

During the winter, layering your baby’s clothing is important to ensure they’re warm enough outside but cool enough when they’re indoors. Typically, you’ll need three layers. The base layer should wick away moisture, fit snugly, and be made of materials such as wool or polyester. The middle layer should insulate and fit close to the body but not restrain your baby’s movement. Look for materials like down or fleece. When outside, an outer layer protects from moisture and wind. Materials should allow for easy movement and be waterproof but breathable.

Providing Lots of Moisturizer

Your baby’s skin is already sensitive and is often even more so during the winter months. Winter air is often dryer than summer weather, which makes it more likely that your baby will suffer from dry skin that leads to redness and cracking. Use chemical-free lotion or moisturizer made specifically for babies after bathing and anytime their skin seems to need a little extra TLC.

Creating an Environment For Thriving

The environment around your baby is just as important as what you’re putting on them. Inside, use a room humidifier during the winter. It helps to keep your baby’s room moisturized so the air is not as bad for their skin and hair. It also helps to keep the room warmer in chillier homes. Expose your baby to plenty of sunlight outside as well. Being outside provides vitamin D as well as helps your little one begin to develop their immune system. Just remember the sunscreen and warm outer layers on colder days.

From investing in Wellements newborn products to ensuring you have a comfortable environment for your baby at home, there is much you can do to ensure your little family is cozy and happy all winter long. Use these tips as a starting point to determine what works for your family.