6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Wellness Products Online

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Wellness Products Online

The health and wellness industry is massive, and today’s consumers have a host of wellness products to choose from to target any area of their health. But even in massive industries like this where stellar brands and products abound, there’s the potential to run into scams or products that aren’t as they’re advertised. Taking care to research and understand your products is crucial to your health and well-being. To make sure you’re getting the best possible items, let’s take a look at six things to consider when purchasing wellness products online.

1. What Is the Brand’s Reputation?

Brand reputation can tell you everything about whether or not to purchase a wellness product from a company. For example, does the brand have a track record of delivering high-quality products for years? Are they generally well-received by the people they cater to? If the brand is quite new or is unpopular, it’s best to shop elsewhere.

2. Do They Offer Third-Party Testing and a Certificate of Analysis?

It’s much better to know exactly what’s in your product than to hope for the best. This is especially important when it comes to wellness goods like hemp products. Only buy from brands that offer, at the very least, third-party lab testing to ensure no bad chemicals or compounds are making their way into your products. Some may even offer a certificate of analysis so you can see the results.

3. What Statements Are Being Made?

Some companies will make outrageous claims about a product’s efficacy, and there are consumers out there who unfortunately buy into these claims out of either a need for something that can help them or a lack of knowledge surrounding the product. Critically evaluate brand promises to avoid scams and only invest in products that actually stand a chance to support you.

4. What Do Others Have to Say (and Is It Authentic)?

Customer reviews give you better insight into what wellness products are like and whether or not they work. Take the time to look at reviews on the website and on other platforms like the BBB website. Make sure to see if they’re real or if they’re paid for or written by bots across multiple platforms.

5. Are These Products Being Pitched Really Necessary?

It’s important to evaluate whether or not you really need a product. Some brands will pitch you on the idea that a product is something you must have. However, many supplements and similar wellness products might not even be necessary. Take your time to consider if a product is a good fit for you before you buy it.

6. Are There Any Potential Interactions I Should Be Made Aware of?

Brands should make you aware of any potential interactions before you purchase a product. Some supplements, for example, are metabolized through the liver and can affect prescription medications that you take. Make sure products are safe before you incorporate them into your routine.

Shopping for the right wellness products can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. Use the six tips above to get the right wellness products every time.