Lip Smacking Yummy Candied Yams

A Fresh Take on Candied Yams

Lip Smacking Yummy Candied Yams are another delicious request from one of our Good Decisions community members, Dianna! I left the skins on the yams but some family members protested this and suggested that I peel the yams before par boiling next time. Personally, I would torture them with the skins all over again since they contain so many nutrients and fiber. That said, the skins are easily removed in the completed dish, so I will leave this decision up to you.
The best part about these candied yams is that there is no refined sugar, gluten, marshmallows, or high fructose corn syrup to be found! When you taste it you will wonder, “why did we need all that stuff anyway?”
Wow! Who would have thought vegetables could taste this good?