A new Chief Operating Officer signals continued growth for MetaBrain Labs

MetaBrain Labs has recently acquired a new Chief Operating Officer, according to a new announcement. 

MetaBrain Labs, a leader in neuroscience-driven mental health tech, has announced the appointment of Mark Hammond as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

“This strategic acquisition marks a significant step in MetaBrain’s journey towards continued innovation and ongoing expansion,” says MetaBrain Labs in the press release.

Mark Hammond brings a wealth of experience from the startup investment sector, providing a unique and advantageous perspective on deal-making and strategic growth. His primary focus will be spearheading their fundraising initiatives while overseeing the operational management of the company.

Mark Hammond’s insight is particularly valuable as MetaBrain Labs stands out from the conventional startup landscape. With a market-ready Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a bold mission to revolutionize the understanding and application of neuroscience insights for enhancing mental and physical health, his appointment is a strategic move towards helping them achieve their expansive vision.

Alexandrea Day, CEO of MetaBrain Labs, states, “We are thrilled to welcome Mark Hammond to our executive team as Chief Operating Officer. His proven track record and deep understanding of business growth align perfectly with our strategic objectives as a company. We are confident that Mark will be instrumental in leading our operations to new heights and accelerating our growth trajectory.”

Mark Hammond is a highly accomplished and results-driven professional with a diverse background in product management, business development, and engineering. With a proven track record of successfully leading and executing complex projects, Mark has been instrumental in driving innovation and growth for renowned organizations such as SoftBank, Amazon, and ExxonMobil. Leveraging his extensive network and exceptional business acumen, Mark excels in sourcing new business opportunities by fostering valuable relationships. His ability to support investment proposals through comprehensive analysis provide critical insights for informed decision-making and drive successful ventures. Mark’s strategic thinking has also resulted in achieving high-graded company portfolios and cash positive outlooks. His invaluable contributions have left a lasting impact on Investor Day presentations and overall financial planning. 

The addition of Mark Hammond to the team is anticipated to bolster the company’s commitment to disrupt the mental health and wellness industry, furthering its position as an industry maker.

Mark Hammond commented, “Embarking on this new role at MetaBrain Labs marks a pivotal moment in my career. This company stands at the forefront of technological evolution, helping to redefine how we interact with and influence our mindset. My excitement stems not just from joining a team of unparalleled talent but also from the prospect of contributing to a technology that is set to absolutely flip upside down our approach to mental and emotional well-being.”

What is MetaBrain Labs and how does it work?

MetaBrain Labs’ platform analyzes brain waves in real-time as they are received from the Chatbot App and wearable. The platform compares a user’s brain waves while they are answering questions with their baseline numbers. The goal is to determine if a user’s answers are aligned between what is the conscious knowing and the answer held in the unconscious mind using the baseline of a stated truth and a stated lie, for calculation. 

MetaBrain Labs, led by Neurotech Innovator and CEO, Alexandrea Day harnesses the power of their patent-pending Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology to explore and retrain the unconscious mind. This helps individuals unlock and shift hidden mindsets, facilitating rapid behavioral change for a profoundly better life in as little as two weeks. The process, rooted in Adaptive theory and used by Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) spans its use across all human endeavors from improving a golf score to becoming a mindful parent or a better public speaker.