A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe on Trampolines

A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe on Trampolines

Trampolines have become increasingly popular recently as they help kids release excess energy. Many parents buy them for gymnastic, recreational, and fitness activities, primarily to assist children’s motor and physical development. While these outdoor toys are a great way for young ones to stay entertained and active, they can sometimes cause injuries to the legs, arms, neck, and head. There are crucial safety tips you can use to ensure an enjoyable and safe trampolining.

Adult Supervision is a Must

A recent study by Rady Children’s Hospital established that parents can prevent many trampoline-related injuries, such as facial lacerations, dislocations, and fractures, through continuous supervision. The research suggests that trampolining should never be an unsupervised recreational activity.

The presence of an adult supervisor ensures that kids don’t engage in high-risk maneuvers, such as somersaults. Additionally, it guarantees that the kids enter these outdoor toys in turns and always wear the necessary protective equipment.

Never Allow Multiple People on the Trampoline

There is no law prohibiting multiple children from jumping on a trampoline. However, experts caution against allowing more than one kid into the equipment, as it increases the risk of injuries. Research by the World Journal of Pediatrics identified that about 75% of trampoline accidents occur when multiple players jump simultaneously.

If players have varying jumping styles and weights, there is uneven weight distribution. Hence, it increases the risk of collision, as the children can barely maintain control of their movements.

Proper Positioning of the Trampoline

The first step toward having a safe trampoline is setting it up correctly. During installation, choose a spot free from shrubs, trees, and home equipment, and ensure that it is flat and has zero protrusions to guarantee maximum stability. Also, see to it that the equipment is tightly anchored to the ground to prevent movement during use.

Advise Your Kids Against Dangerous Tricks

Dangerous jumps are the leading cause of injuries during trampolining. As a parent, keenly check that the kids enter and exit the trampoline safely to prevent falls. The outdoor toy is not a wrestling ring, so you should discourage roughhousing, gymnastic moves, and fancy backflips, as they can cause severe fractures.

Confirm the Trampoline Has the Correct Safety Features

Buying a trampoline from a reputable dealer ensures you get everything correct to guarantee the safety of your kids and everyone else who uses it. When acquiring one, check if it has a built-in high-quality pad or mat to provide an extra layer of protection for your young ones.

Additionally, make sure the recreational device has high-impacting netting, as it is the one that prevents toys and children from falling off. The equipment should, furthermore, have a durable frame and a safety doorway.

Strictly Observe Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding and adhering to proper safety precautions is crucial for optimizing your child’s safety. One major thing to keep in mind is maintenance of the trampoline, such as routinely checking for signs of broken fixtures and tears, and having them fixed promptly.

Other guidelines include not using the trampoline during harsh weather, having a standby first aid kit in case of scrapes and bumps, and ensuring the kids jump at the center of the trampoline. Experts, furthermore, recommend wearing thick socks to protect toes and proper sports clothing to allow flexibility.

While a trampoline is an excellent source of family recreation, it can be dangerous if you don’t take extra precautions. Following the safety code regarding installation and use of the equipment warrants that your children bounce with fun and assurance.