A Patient’s Guide to Finding and Choosing a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

More than 30 states today allow marijuana to be sold and consumed for medical purposes. From treating anxiety to curbing cancer pains, marijuana is a product that calms minds and eases physiological symptoms. If you’re interested in trying medical marijuana, explore this patient’s guide to finding and choosing a dispensary today.

1. Look at Online Reviews

Initially, read online reviews. Because many dispensaries have been in business for years, customer reviews are a clever place to start your research. Ideally, the dispensary should be state-licensed and close to your home. If medical marijuana is your personal solution, you shouldn’t have to commute long distances to the dispensary, for instance. Also, be aware of the staff’s knowledge levels regarding the products. With so many choices in the marketplace, their product knowledge assists you with each purchase.

2. Explore Product Choices

Today, smoking medical marijuana isn’t your only choice. Some patients can’t tolerate smoke, which is why you might choose vaping as an alternative. In addition, there are consumable options.

Edibles, such as cookies or candy, allow you to feel the marijuana’s effects without inhaling smoke or vapor. Tinctures are marijuana extracts designed to be precisely measured in drops under your tongue. Lastly, topicals are marijuana-based lotions applied anywhere on the skin.

3. Consider Your Medical Needs

If you’re taking prescription medications, clear the use of marijuana with your doctor first. Although marijuana is a plant, it might have interactions with certain medications. At the dispensary, the staff should recommend low-potency products at first.

Next, they’ll guide you through the product differences, such as THC versus CBD. As a psychoactive compound, THC offers the classic sensation felt during marijuana use. An alternative is a higher CBD concentration, which is a compound that prioritizes relaxation rather than a euphoric high.

4. Visit the Store

A visit to the dispensary can verify your research’s findings. Take mental notes about the staff’s knowledge and your comfort during the process. The facility itself should be secure with identification checks at the door and during the final purchase. Overall, how you feel about the dispensary is the final step toward picking the right store.

5. Focus on Feedback

After trying your new purchase, take inventory of how you felt during and after its use. For example, you may not like the delayed effects of edibles. A tincture might provide faster symptom relief next time. As you return to the dispensary, discuss your needs with the staff.

If you like a product, they can help you reorder it for regular use. When you’re still curious about other items, the staff can guide your next purchase based on your medical situation and preferences. This dispensary partnership encourages you to try different products with safety and guidance every time.

Ultimately, your body chemistry will dictate how you react and feel about medical marijuana. Trying different products, strains and potency levels may be necessary before you find the right solution. In the end, this remarkable plant can soothe the entire body as you enjoy daily life.