Be the Best Dog Dad This Father’s Day

Be the Best Dog Dad This Father’s Day

Are you shooting to be the best dog dad you can possibly be this Father’s Day? Looking for some new fresh ideas to hang out with your pooch? Look no further!


We are going to tell you several ways that you can have fun and enjoy time with your four-legged friend this Father’s Day. Just because your fur baby barks, doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast on an international day for Dad’s. Read along and find out how to be the best dog dad you can be this year!


Take Your Pup for a Road Trip


“Want to go for a ride?” The six words that every dog loves to hear their Dad say any time of the year. What better way to spend the day than taking your dog on a day trip down the open road? 


Consider a long drive out to a state park and go for a hike. Your dog will love seeing the great sights and smelling the wonderful smells that the backcountry has to offer. 


If you’re not much of a hiker, maybe drive them to the beach and let them run and play in the water while you soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy your day. 


A short (or long) road trip might be just what the doctor ordered for you and your pooch. 


Take Your Dog Out for a Treat


If there is one thing that trumps going for a ride to your dog, it’s definitely treats. The way to any dog’s heart is through his stomach, that’s for sure. 


Maybe you can take them out for some ice cream or to Starbucks for a free puppuccino to go along with your iced coffee! Your dog will love you when you hand them some special people food to celebrate the big day.


If you’re really one to spoil, you might even cook them a nice piece of meat or buy them a new bone to chew on while you enjoy your dinner. The sky is the limit and luckily most pups aren’t picky!


Hit the Dog Park for Some Play Time


Getting out in the summer sun is always a good way for you and your dog to spend a day. For this Father’s Day, why not take your friend to the dog park to get some exercise and make some new friends?


The dog park is many dogs’ favorite place to be as they get to run and play with so many different dogs and get out of the house! 


It’s also a great place for dog dads to meet new friends as well so you can kill two birds with one stone and meet someone new this Father’s Day!


Go for a Long Walk


There isn’t anything better for the mind and soul than a nice long walk in the fresh air. The same benefits we see from walks can be applied to man’s best friend. 


Your dog will be super excited when you grab their leash and tell them that you’re going to get some exercise. The health benefits of routine walks will be both good for your health and your dog’s health.


Also, it’s not only physically healthy to get on a walk, its mentally healthy for both you and the pup. Spend an hour on a walk this Father’s Day and clear your mind and spend quality time with your dog. 


Take Your Dog Out on the Lake


If you own a boat, there is nothing that screams summer quite like spending a hot summer Sunday on the Lake. Both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time, being on the water with your dog is a great way to spend the day.


Whether you take them swimming, fishing, or just for a cruise, they’ll be sure to love the quality time spent cruising the waters. Bring the whole family along and make a day of it.


Just make sure to bring ample food and water to keep your dog healthy and happy while out in the hot sun!


Have A Lazy Day At Home


Who says you have to do anything to be a great dog dad this Father’s Day? Your dog will love you all the same. 


Maybe a nice relaxing day on the couch scratching their ears is all they need. It will be relaxing and recharging for both you and your little fur ball.


Sometimes the best days are spent at home with your loved ones.




Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas on how to be the best dog dad you can be this year! Spend the day on the road, on the water, in the park, or at home and make the most of it. It’s your day, you should enjoy it with your dog!