Cannabis: Mindful Consumption

Cannabis has many benefits for your mind and body. Today, legal use of cannabis is available in various states, and many people are taking advantage of changing laws to enjoy benefits such as being able to reduce chronic pain and stress. Whether you choose to consume edibles or use other delivery methods, it is important to practice mindful consumption that preserves your ability to enjoy cannabis products.

Know Your State’s Laws

The laws regarding cannabis consumption can vary from one state to the next. Even in states with very few restrictions, you’ll still find that there are laws in place to protect everyone’s safety. For example, California only allows people who are 21 years of age or older to possess or consume cannabis. However, people over 18 might be able to legally use cannabis in the state provided that they have medical use privileges. Taking a moment to make sure you are using cannabis legally is the best way to avoid irresponsible use.

Set Up a Secure Storage Space

Similar to alcohol, it is important to keep cannabis products out of the hands of children and pets. The ideal place to store your products is out of the reach of children, and you will want to take the extra precaution of keeping the items locked up to prevent access by older kids and teens. Many people use a dedicated lockbox that they can store in a top cabinet or their bedroom where it’s out of children’s sight.

Choose Childproof Packaging

Many cannabis products are in edible form and are quite delicious. While cannabis suppliers try not to use packaging or products that are enticing to children, they still might seem similar to other edible foods. If you enjoy cannabis gummies, brownies or other types of products, then look for ones that are in childproof packaging. This serves as an additional layer of protection that you can use along with your secure storage area to ensure that your favorite products don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Learn Your Personal Limits

When cannabis products were first legalized, many people overindulged. Keep in mind that most cannabis products come in small doses that may be put together into one larger edible. For instance, a candy bar might have squares of chocolate that you can break off to control your dosing. Always read the label carefully, and start with a small dose until you know how the product affects you personally. After waiting one to two hours, you can gradually increase your dose. Taking a cautious approach protects you from accidentally consuming more than you can handle comfortably.

Use a Designated Driver

In an ideal scenario, you can enjoy your products at home for the most relaxing effects. If you do need to leave the house, then make sure you have someone who can safely drive you to your destination. Driving while under the influence of cannabis is against the law, and letting someone else handle the vehicle lets you fully enjoy the relaxing effects of your favorite products.

Practicing mindful consumption of cannabis helps to promote a positive view of the plant in public spaces. Whether you love to take a gummy to sleep better at night or like using a tincture to help you stay focused on a task, making sure to use your products responsibly helps you enjoy them for years to come.