certified humane

Certified Humane, Now Available Near Me!

When I wrote Good Decisions Most of the Time, I talked about how certain animal products that bear the label “Certified Humane” are some of the highest quality products available. At that time there were few products available in my area for purchase so supporting these raising and handling methods proved to be difficult.
I was ECSTATIC to recently find that certified humane eggs are now available near me! Yay!! These eggs even come with a small note inside telling me how their “ladies” are well cared for. So awesome!
I’d like to make a shout out to all the local farmers who are working hard to bring me quality eggs from chickens that have room to engage in their natural behaviors. Because let’s face it, as a chicken there is just nothing better than a good dust bath… and life is just so much better with your beak intact!
So join the humane revolution with me and be on the lookout for certified foods at your local grocers!