Cognitive Enhancement: Improving Your Focus

Did you know the human mind wanders 47% of the day? We are fighting digital distractions constantly, with up to 80 phone notifications and 10,000 marketing messages each day. At work, the average employee is interrupted every 11 minutes which can limit productivity during the work day.

The constant distractions we face have an effect on our cognitive functioning. Impaired focus, reduced executive functioning, lower attention spans, and brain fog are all consequences of the busy environment we live in. To try and improve focus, many consumers turn to caffeinated beverages. In the United States, most consumers turn to coffee for an energy and focus boost, but it doesn’t always work. In fact, 4 in 10 consumers experience adverse effects from caffeine consumption, and many people create a tolerance that prevents them from feeling any effects at all!

Caffeine can also be unhealthy if taken in excess and can lead to health problems later in life. As a result, many consumers are now turning to more natural alternatives in order to increase their focus. Certain vitamins and minerals can actually increase cognitive function naturally by working with your brain and your body’s biological clock. These substances are known as nootropics and can be found in supplements or in certain food and drinks. One example is phosphatidylserine, a compound found in the brain that some believe may support cognitive function. If you’re interested, you can explore and buy phosphatidylserine supplements, ensuring you prioritize your overall well-being.

Nootropics are a natural way to increase your cognitive function without the adverse effects of caffeine. Improving cognitive function can help naturally improve focus, memory, and alertness. Learn more about the benefits of focus drinks that are using natural ingredients in the infographic below:

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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