Colors to Help Maximize Marketing Value

The importance of color psychology in marketing cannot be stressed enough! Shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by color in 85% of cases. The colors of a product influence first perceptions by anywhere between 62% and 90%. Color is one of the best mediums for communicating, and mastering how to use colors will maximize your marketing value. To assist in helping us, LUXURYSOCALREALTY provided a color study to know what effects each color has and how to use them at their full potential. 

To kick things off, we will start with the color red. Red is one of the most employed hues and for good reason. Red is made to draw attention, bring value, and denote agency. It has also been known to lead to more conversion than any other color. The color physically energizes the body, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Because of its bold nature, it is perfect for CTA buttons or landing pages, anything to tell the viewer to pay attention to what you want them to look at.

The next color we will highlight is purple. This color often denotes luxury, power, or even royalty.  Way back when acquiring the color purple was a rare thing to come across so only royalty and the nobility could access this hue giving its symbolism. In the current day, it is in the top three favorite colors for women and the bottom three for men. The best use for purple is for symbolic associations and businesses marketing to women. Additionally, it can also be used to endorse cosmetics and anti-aging goods.

The last one we will cover is the color orange. As a combination of both red and yellow, orange takes the urgency of red with the cheering of yellow to create an energetic burst of happiness for the viewer. Having said that, the color orange can also increase oxygen to the brain and boost productivity! It’s also an extremely rare brand color and it stands out well. For uses, orange shines brightest when used for boosting impulse purchases for clothing-based e-commerce stores.

Learn about the psychology of color in marketing, what color does to the brain, and colors that maximize your marketing value