Create Confidence with Cosmetic Surgery

Following a large departure in 2020, women are beginning to return to the workforce.  Many women are taking measures to look their best upon their return, turning to cosmetic surgery as a method of ensuring self-confidence and an easy transition.  How does cosmetic surgery relate to the workforce, and is it a good option for you?

First, it’s important to understand the barriers that stand in the way of women returning  to the workforce.  Women face challenges such as ageism, caregiving responsibilities, lookism, and the impact of career breaks on self-confidence.  Many of these barriers result from societal expectations of how a woman should look and act, and can have significant impacts on career success.  For example, when it comes to ageism, older female workers are more likely to be fired or let go by their bosses, and have less than half of the callback rate of younger women. 

Lack of confidence, an umbrella barrier that encompasses many of the aforementioned obstacles, is unfortunately common, with 50% of women reporting that they do not feel confident about work, whether they are employed full-time, part-time, or still looking for a job. 

Cosmetic surgery is a solution to these barriers.  Operations such as tummy tucks, liposuctions, and breast augmentation are becoming increasingly common, helping women regain confidence in their bodies, which will then promote confidence in their work.  

There are many options for women struggling with the return to the workforce, and cosmetic surgery is a viable example.  It addresses the core issue of lack of confidence, and has the potential to get thousands of women into the workforce.

Why women are finally returning to the office
Source: Sieber Plastic Surgery