dental implants
Dental specialist making a presentation of tooth implant inside of plastic study jaw to an attentive old adult

Dental Implants: Myths vs Facts

Has your dentist suggested a dental implant as a tooth replacement option? Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement options because they replace the entire tooth and root for the most realistic look and function. 


Are you hesitant to agree to an implant? Perhaps it’s because you’ve heard some myths about dental implants. Before you pass on what could be the best option for you, let’s set the record straight by debunking some of the common myths about dental implants and replace them with facts. 


Myth: Dental implants are for cosmetic purposes only. 

Fact: Dental implants are just as important for your dental health as they are your appearance. Dental implants consist of an artificial tooth and root. A titanium post is surgically placed in the jaw bone. It fuses with the bone to form a secure anchor for the abutment and crown to attach to. With an implant you will have the same bite strength as with a natural tooth, perhaps even more strength as the artificial implant and crown are even less likely to break and won’t decay. The implant root helps to preserve the jaw bone that would otherwise shrink with no tooth root in place. 


Myth: The dental implant procedure is painful.

Fact: Anesthesia is used to prevent any pain. Dental implants can be placed with local anesthesia. You won’t experience any pain beyond what you would feel with a routine cavity filling. In fact, if the tooth you are replacing was decayed and causing you pain, you will experience less pain with your implant than with your natural tooth. 


Myth: Dental implants don’t last. 

Fact: A dental implant can last for a lifetime. Most dental implants, when placed properly, can last for 30 years or more. If you get one placed as an adult, it will likely last for the rest of your life. 


Myth: Implants look fake. 

Fact: Implants look more natural than bridges or dentures. If you need to replace a tooth, a bridge can be used in place of an implant, but it won’t look as natural as an implant. A dental implant looks as realistic as a porcelain crown, because the visible portion is essentially the same. Dentures don’t seem as realistic either because of the way they attach. Implant supported dentures are a good compromise. 


Myth: Dental implants are for old people. 

Fact: Implants are common at any age. Anyone with permanent teeth can get a dental implant if they need to have a tooth replaced. Sometimes accidents happen and a tooth gets displaced and can’t be put back in place. Other times a tooth becomes severely decayed and can’t be restored. Whatever the reason for the replacement, age is no reason to pass on getting a tooth replaced. In fact, the younger you are the more worthwhile the procedure, as the implant will last you many years and provide you with the look and function of a natural tooth. 


Myth: Dental implants cost too much. 

Fact: Dental implants can be made affordable. The average cost of a dental implant is between $3,000-$4,500. While that may seem high, keep in mind that this implant will likely last the rest of your life. In some cases dental or medical insurance will cover part of the cost of an implant. Any out of pocket cost can be financed into affordable monthly payments. CareCredit offers no interest or low interest options to help patients pay for dental procedures. A dental implant is a worthwhile investment in your dental health. 


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