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Finally Free Guides You to a Healthier Relationship with Your Body, Emotions and Food...

Millions of Americans try to lose weight and change their lifestyle unsuccessfully every year. Those who succeed are often unable to maintain their positive changes.

Here’s the missing piece: It’s not that you can’t do it. Your upbringing just never taught you how to eat intuitively. Let’s face it, we are taught not to honor our bodies at a very young age. Did your parents tell you to clean your plate? Or make you continue to eat after you were already satisfied?

They weren’t bad parents; they just didn’t know about intuitive eating or how to feed the physical body, not emotions. 

If you're having difficulty implementing your new eating plan, if you get caught up in negative thoughts, if you are tired of wanting one thing then doing another, and are struggling to be at peace with food and your body –these workshops are for you.  

"I’ve tried every diet, restricting calories/increasing exercise, cutting out carbs, even diet pills, and nothing worked. The real difference between this workshop and other programs is you learn to recognize the little voice in your head that puts you down and overcome it. This program is way more than just about weight loss. It's about being Finally Free! 

– Alex G, Seattle

With Finally Free, you will…

1. Discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs and meet those needs in more empowering ways. 

2. Learn how to eat intuitively and discover what you really hunger for in life.

3. Move beyond guilt and shame, beyond dieting, and beyond the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

4. Learn the little known secrets of how to deal with emotions and unhelpful mindset patterns. 

5. Learn contentment where you no longer need to feed sooth or avoid anything. 

6. Build your confidence, learn self-trust, self-love, and become Finally Free to step into your beautiful authentic self.

7. Have moments of overwhelming love an appreciation for yourself!  

Research shows that successful lifestyle changes lie in implementation tools and strategies.

Ditch the calories-in-and-calories-out model. Forget anything that has to do with deprivation, guilt, or shame.

Instead, learn science-based, valuable tools, strategies, and exercises that teach you the secrets of implementation. From Maslow's 6 Human Needs, and Byron Katie's The Work, to Eckhart Tolle's tips on conscious eating, the strategies you learn are based upon experts in the field of habit change.

You will have access to over 30 strategies designed to help you unravel negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and see who you are beyond the stories and dramas you've learned from society and the world around you.

Are YOU an emotional eater?

Have you lost the battle of being able to self-govern effectively around food? 

Are you binging on pizza, beer, and burgers at night? Do you feel inadequate to the task of living the lifestyle you desire?

PERFECT! You are an ideal candidate!

I know. I’ve walked in your shoes and faced the same problem. And I can honestly tell you that the best way to learn something is to just dip you toes in the pond and do it!  

It’s Time to be Finally Free -It’s Easier Than You Think!

Hi, I'm Dani. I’ve studied the experts. I took what has been proven to work and left what didn’t. I tested them at my wellness center in Seattle and through the process of trial and error, came up with a series of workshops that are truly transformational.

Through my journey of becoming Finally Free from emotional eating and discovering what I hunger for in life, I have guided thousands of others on this journey with great results.

My mission is to share what I've learned. My #1 goal is to help you do this transformational work in such a way that is easy, fun, and takes you on a wonderful journey that transforms the way you relate to food and yourself.

I've condensed years of personal experience into a series of simple, straight forward workshops. I've taken the complex and made it simple. Don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t struggle. Just follow your participant workbook. It will give you everything you need, and I will be your guide 100% of the way.

Become Finally Free Now!


Good Decisions Finally Free Has Helped Thousands

I’ve written a best-selling book and worked with hundreds of people one-on-one.

I’ve worked in the healthcare field for over two decades. I’ve launched Intuitive Eating online courses and taught workshops at my wellness center.

Most importantly I LOVE mentoring others and helping them do what I have done. I am a teacher. I am a mentor. I love helping people become Finally Free.

Building a Thriving Healthy and Vital Life Starts with You

Gone are the days of struggle. Gone are the days of wanting one thing and doing another.

Imagine a life where you are at peace with food and your body.

Imagine breaking free from emotional eating. Imagine contentment!

Imagine waking up to the beauty of who you are beyond negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Save Time and Make Valuable Lifelong Connections

Why should you invest all the time and energy trying to figure out how to lose weight and reach your goals when you can learn from someone who has already done it?

Finally Free is a complete program that takes you on your entire journey from where you are to where you want to go

Make lifelong connections with your classmates

Your Finally Free Package Includes: 

PARTICIPANT WORKBOOKS: You will be able to immediately download your first participant workbook and receive weekly workbooks as you go.   

5 WEEKLY WORKSHOPS: You will receive 5 (2-hour) virtual workshops for 5 weeks. These are designed to empower you and help you discover who you are and what you really hunger for in life. You will learn how to eat intuitively, how to move beyond negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and how to deal with overwhelming emotions. You will learn many tools and strategies designed to break down inner conflict that may get in your way. 

Overcoming emotional eating and stepping into your true self is not a 5-week process. It's one that can take months. You will have the option to continue on with your group after the 6 weeks are over into the maintenance phase of change. The workshops are designed to keep you in maintenance long enough to leave old patterns and ways of being behind. They take you on your entire Hero's Journey.

WEEKLY ZOOM CALLS: Each week there is one two-hour live Zoom call where you will learn, with your group, each lesson that week. These calls are very interactive and you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn immediately. If you miss a call you will have access to the recording.

TIME REQUIRED: In addition to the Zoom calls plan on setting aside a couple hours each day to implement what you learn.

FACEBOOK SUPPORT: You will have access to a Facebook group where you and your group can engage with other participants, ask questions, and post about your challenges and successes.

EMAIL SUPPORT: If you have a question and hesitate to post on Facebook you can email me directly. I am a teacher and mentor first and foremost. Your success is most important to me. Therefore, I make myself fully available to you throughout the training.

When Does it Start?

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN FOR MAY 19th TRAINING! You will have access to your instructor dashboard immediately where you can start growing your business and filling your workshops with Relationship Marketing. You will learn how to be an effective facilitator of change with the Coaching the Coach modules. You will have access to the workshop materials when your first training starts on Tuesday May 19th. All training is done remotely via live Zoom calls so you can take it wherever you are. So get ready to rock and roll and facilitate transformation! Trainings will be every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm PST for 17 weeks where you will learn how to teach each of the 17 workshops. Included are 4 support calls to help you fill your workshops, facilitate change, and resolve any resistance that may arise as you grow and expand.

Enrollment is Open 

Open Enrollment closes at Midnight on February 22nd and is limited to 20 individuals.
Enrollment closes Feb 21st
You'll get access to:
5 Weekly Workshops
5 Participant workbooks
5 Weekly Training Zoom Calls
Access to a Private Facebook Group
Email access to your instructor

FREE BOOK: Get the book that started it all so you can follow the homework assignments and learn the foundations of nutrition. Knowledge is power!
$347 One time Payment

Here are the training details:

There will be two Finally Free workshops in February to chose from. One on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 5:00 pm PST and one on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 PST starting February 23rd. 

If you have any questions about the workshops, the training, or would like to chat in person feel free to contact me via email at I would love to connect and answer any questions you have.

Here's what you'll be learning along the way:

You’ll take 5 weekly online workshops designed to take you through The Six Phases of Lasting Change. You've already completed your 30-Day No Sugar Challenge, this takes you out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addiction fast. Dealing with emotions can be difficult when blood sugar levels aren't regulated and mental clarity is at half-mast. You have learned how to set your environment up for success and how to deal with unsupportive people in your life. 

NOW it's time to create the life and body you want for good! 

WEEK 1: Teaches how to tap into your inner resources. You’ll create an inner warrior, a no thank you phrase, and an emergency mantra. These strategies are designed to empower you to move away from the belief that you can’t, to a place where you know you can.

WEEK 2: You’ll discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs and find more fulfilling ways to meet those needs. This is where you begin to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger and discover what you really hunger for in life.

WEEK 3: You will learn to separate physical hunger and emotional hunger even further with intuitive eating. You tune into your body and become familiar with your hunger signal, satiation signal and how to enjoy food without guilt or shame.

WEEK 4: This week is all about how to deal with the things that may get in the way of your long-term success. You will discover how to deal with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and unruly emotions.

WEEK 5: You enter into the fifth phase of lasting change and learn what it takes to move successfully through the last phase of lasting change. You will get a glimpse of who you are beyond your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. When you discover you are already whole and complete, you may no longer need to feed soothe or avoid anything. In this workshop you learn how to be Finally Free and at peace with food and your body.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE WORKSHOPS 1-10: After the initial 6 week series you will have the option to continue with your group. At this point you’ve bonded with each other, shared deeply, and many want to continue with them on your journey. The monthly maintenance workshops transition you from weekly workshops, to monthly workshops. You continue to move through your Hero's Journey for an entire year. That's right. A whole year’s worth of workshops that make it nearly impossible for you not to reach your goal.

Notes From Some of Our Current Participants

“I really enjoyed the “Finally Free” workshops. Dani is a great instructor and coach! I appreciate that she has helped me move past the chaos and compulsion of cravings to by overcoming underlying negative thoughts and beliefs, and has given me tools to transcend them. 
I’ve lost 40 pounds and am Finally Free!” 
~ Sandy Duncan
“I came into the Finally Free program not knowing really what it was all about. This program goes way beyond diet, beyond guilt and shame, and into the subconscious mind in order to bring about real and permanent change. I am so grateful for Dani’s enthusiasm, wisdom, support and guidance. She makes herself available to her clients and is truly a wonderful intuitive guide!”Thank you Dani ❤️
~ Elizabeth C
"Dani helps you discover where you are stuck with food and gently and directly guides you out of it. She doesn’t judge you, instead she helps figure out how to achieve your food and lifestyle goals. I’ve lost 28 pounds, but what’s more important is I now love who I am! I actually look in the mirror and smile. 
Thank you Dani! 
~ Roslyn T. 
When I started, I just didn't realize how addicted to sugar I was. I learned how to look at food as cause and effect, without guilt or shame, and this has made all the difference. Dani is a great instructor who cares deeply for her people. I witnessed her help many people in our group get “unstuck” The Finally Free program has wonderful exercises and the workshops are fun and engaging. 
~ Noreen Gant
I was fiending on sugar when I first started working with Dani. There was a time when I didn’t think I could do it and Dani and the group kept cheering me on and I did it! I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s been 6 months now and I am feeling better than ever. The cravings are still completely gone and I feel more in control than I have ever felt. I am Finally Free! Thank you so much Dani. 
~ SP in Seattle
The biggest game changer for me is that Finally Free helped me see the rackets my mind has been running to keep me from living my dream life. And now that I have tools and strategies I feel I am finally free to be and do all the things I want to do in this life. I never thought it was possible to like my body and appreciate myself. But I do! 
~ Shannon N