Goal Standards for Student Success Through Transfer

States have had a push in the topic of education lately, it seems schools are always in the news. In one state, in particular, they are pushing for the success of their transfer students. In the state of Kentucky there is a push to help students who start at a community college or technical college have an easier transition to a university. This push comes with the states goal to have sixty percent of its population have a postsecondary degree by year 2030. 

Transfer students have been a big focus as part of this goal. Many students chose to do a two-year community or technical college first due to its cost. Going this route has proved to be less expensive than a four year public or private university. The tricky part then, is the transition period. To combat this, the state has set up a transfer pathway. While in their two-year program the student chooses an education path and gets set up with the resources they need. This includes advisors and help ensuring they are taking the right courses to reach their goals. 

Nationally in the school year 2020-2021 the rate of transfer students decreased by eight percent. However, in the state of Kentucky the rate increased by two percent or ninety students. The state’s vision for its student’s success is clear. They aim to provide for the student’s needs and equip them with the tools and resources that will guide them. Additionally, the state is helping make connections between two-year colleges and universities to bridge the gaps and help students.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative