High Yield Seeds for Your Growing Operation

High Yield Seeds for Your Growing Operation

Marijuana Seeds

There are many types of marijuana seeds that you can buy and they all have different effects on your body. If you are growing your own marijuana for your own use, you want a seed that will give you a big crop. You will want the highest-yield seeds for your growing operation.

You can buy seeds in a variety of places, both online and in person. You can buy your seeds at the OG Seeds site and get high-yielding seeds for a bargain price. You can also do some research to find seeds at other places, but you might not get the same quality or yield.

This article will help you to find the ideal seeds for your growing operation. It will tell you about some of the qualities of the different seeds, as well. Hopefully, you will be able to choose your favorites from the list below.


  1. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

If you love Haze, this is the perfect product for you, especially if you are growing indoors. This is the perfect blend of Lemon Skunk and Shining Silver Haze, and it reaches a medium height when mature. Even though it is sativa-dominant you still get an energetic high that gives you a cerebral feeling that you are used to from the different Hazes.

When you get the first taste, you will get the sensation of a lemon flavor. You will then begin to get a cognitive high that will set your creative juices flowing. Seehere for more information about this variety. You will also get high yields of up to about 650 grams per square meter. This is plenty enough for your personal growing operation.

2. Amnesia Haze

This is one of the seeds that is rapidly growing in popularity around the country. It might be new to the dispensaries, but it has stood the test of time to become one of the most used seeds in America. It has high levels of THC and can give you the nice relaxing high that you are looking for.

This plant has many slender branches that are doused in resin and contains about 22% THC. Once you begin smoking this, you will have citrus flavors, as well as flavors of earth, pepper, and herbs that will give you a body-melting high. It will also yield about 650 grams of product per square meter.

3. Green Gelato

This variety comes from the parents of the original gelato and adds a new spin to an old favorite. This is an indica-dominant variety hybrid that has a THC content of around 27%. This is best for when you want to relax after a hard day’s work because of the high that you will get from this variety.

Green gelato produces buds that are small and compact which does not seem too much at first glance. The taste that you receive from this variety has citrus, vanilla, earth, mint, and pepper. With this variety, you can expect a yield of 700 grams per square meter.

4. Sweet ZZ

This plant is one of the most popular there is because of the yield that it provides. It also provides an outstanding high because it contains 22% THC. It is a hybrid of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, and is best used for infusing into sweet treats such as brownies and cakes because of its sweet taste.

Although this doesn’t yield as much as some of the others, it still yields up to 600 grams of plants per square meter. It will leave you with a euphoric feeling that envelops the mind and the body.

5. Blue Gelato

Blue Gelato has the same parents as the original Gelato but also combines Blueberry genetics into the mix. This leads to a flavor of blueberry, earth, and diesel to make a taste that you will surely enjoy. It contains THC levels of around 23% to make sure that you get a high that you will truly enjoy:https://jointlybetter.com/magazine/article/what-are-the-strains-with-the-highest-recorded-thc-content-in-2022. This lists some of the highest THC level plants for you.

This combination of plants will make you laugh and talk for hours. If taken care of correctly, you can yield 600 grams per square meter. This will lead to many hours of good times for you and your friends.

6. Royal Skywalker

This variety promises to give you the inner tranquility of a Jedi Master once you smoke it. This variety has a THC level of 25%, meaning that it is not a great one for beginners. It is indica-dominant which says that it will keep your body grounded while your head is taken to the stars. It has flavors that are reminiscent of pepper, berries, and citrus.

You will get a yield of about 600 grams per square meter from this variety. It will keep you happy and calm all at the same time.

7. Critical

This variety is easy to grow and has a compact size for maximum stealth. This variety grows to about 140 cm but can be trained to grow only 80 cm for space saving and even more stealth. The flavors can be described as fruity, pine, candy, and Skunk for your enjoyment. This is a good variety of weed for you if you want a mellow high because it contains only 18% THC. This is a good variety for beginners just getting into smoking.


These are just a few of the more popular strains that will give you high yields for your money. They are all flavorful in different ways, and will all give you the high that you are looking for.