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How CBD helps with my Arthritis at the age of 60 in Australia

Hi all, I’m Michelle, a 60-year-old retired veterinarian based in Sydney. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my personal story on how I came to use CBD Oil Australia and how it’s helped me overcome the inconveniences of ageing like my Arthritis for example. I hope my story keeps my fellow aussies informed about CBD and inspiring for those considering it.

I’ve been a vet for most of my years, it’s a passion for me. However, In my late fifties I started experiencing symptoms of arthritis. It started in my knees, which honestly didn’t affect my work life that much especially with the help of some Nurfen to counter the pain.

My last year being a vet was ultimately my worst because the Arthritis swiftly made its way over to the joints of my fingers. This was a massive blow for me as lots of my daily activities at work needed my diligent skills to perform. I was immediately shifted to a new role which I was very thankful for since it bore less weight on my hands at the end of the day, but that simply took all the fun and joy I had out of my job. At this point I soon retired and went on to live my simple life with my husband, dog, and grandkids. I’m appreciative of the life I have but the Arthritis was just so unbearable that I couldn’t even sleep at night.

In my free time, I’d try my best to do light exercises to keep my joints warm, but most of the time I would just be going about my daily errands and keeping myself entertained with my favourite TV series. However, one evening, I was searching the internet for arthritis remedies and came across an interesting article about CBD and athletes. I’m certainly not an athlete myself, but I’m sure athletes endure similar pains that I experience. The publishers of the article turned me towards the direction of taking CBD and also provided me with some helpful information on how to buy CBD online in Australia.

Finally, I purchased my first bottle of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil from Lullaby Luxury. This CBD brand offers certified quality CBD oil and is conveniently based in Australia. My order only took 3 days to arrive and also came with some helpful information on how to take the CBD. Within my first week I had already noticed the numbing pain in my joints alleviate. For the first time in the past few years, I actually didn’t have to wince in pain to do the slightest things. I also noticed that I was getting so much better sleep, especially knowing that what I’m taking is totally natural.

Now, I rarely ever take my pain medications and participate in more activities with my daughter and grandchildren more often. Needless to say, CBD has truly changed my life in ways that I never could have imagined. 

If you’re interested in giving CBD a try, I recommend having a read on CBD Oil Australia as they have the most comprehensive information to get anyone in Australia started. Please do share this article with your loved ones as it might well be the solution they need.