How to Get Golden Seeds in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons works in a manner that, if you cannot bear to use Golden Seeds, you will never have a big coliseum. Your job is to cross the gates and gather all the seeds that exist on each level. There are 100 levels with 10,000 gates to cross out there. If you do not know how to get golden seeds in Merge Dragons yet, follow this guide right now.

Want to know how to get Golden Seeds in Merge Dragons? The new, rare collectible adds an interesting wrinkle to the game.

Golden Seeds Can Be Used in A Variety of Ways And Can Help You Complete New Challenges.

Merged Dragons have a chance to give you golden seeds, but the chances are pretty low. So how do you get them?

Merge Dragons is a game that’s all about merging dragons together to form stronger ones. In order to do this though, you need to collect gold and merge coins. This is what allows you to merge your dragons together and create new ones.

So how do you get them? Well if you don’t want to spend money on Merge Dragons, then there are ways to get free gold coins and merge coins that work very well.

If you want to learn how you can get free gold coins and merge coins in Merge Dragons, then check out our guide below!

So How Do You Get Them?

Golden seeds are one of the most useful items in Merge Dragons. They can be used to speed up the breeding process or to unlock new dragons. The best way to get them is by breeding, but you can also get them from daily logins, quests and events. The game has different ways to get golden seeds, but some are better than others.

Merge Dragons: How to Get Golden Seeds – Breeding

Breeding is by far the easiest way to get golden seeds in Merge Dragons. Once you have at least two dragons that can breed with each other, simply go into the breeding garden and select the dragon you want to breed with another one. You will get a chance of getting either a regular egg or a golden egg if you’re lucky enough. A golden seed will appear as soon as you see it coming out of its shell once you hatch it!

How to Get Golden Seeds?

The golden seed is a rare item that you can find in Merge Dragons. It’s used to unlock the Golden Dragon, which is a powerful dragon that can be used for battling.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get golden seeds and use them to gain access to the Golden Dragon.

How To Get Golden Seeds In Merge Dragons?

To get golden seeds in Merge Dragons, you’ll need to complete the Golden Dragon Challenge. This challenge requires you to use specific dragons in battle and win the fight by using their special abilities. The challenge requires you to win 50 times with an active ability on each of these five dragons:

  • Golden Dragon Head
  • Golden Dragon Tail
  • Golden Dragon Wings
  • Golden Dragon Armor
  • Gold Dragon Eyes

The Green Thumb Upgrade Will Allow the Stones To Produce Golden Seeds.

The Green Thumb upgrade will allow the stones to produce Golden Seeds. You can also earn them by completing quests and purchasing them from the store.

  1. The Green Thumb upgrade will allow the stones to produce Golden Seeds. You can also earn them by completing quests and purchasing them from the store.
  2. There are three different ways to obtain Golden Seeds:
  3. Merge Dragons is all about collecting new creatures, so it’s important that you don’t run out of space in your army! The best way to do this is by upgrading your stone stables with the “Green Thumb” upgrade, which allows you to harvest more Gold Seed crops per season (up to 25 instead of 5). This upgrade costs 10 gems per season, but it’s worth it if you want a steady stream of resources!

How to Use Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds are a special type of seed that can be used to unlock new dragons. They’re earned by sending dragons to explore, and you can also get them by completing quests or purchasing them with gems.

As they say, there’s no free lunch in Merge Dragons, so you have to pay for the privilege of using Golden Seeds. When you use a Golden Seed, you won’t get anything in return — except maybe a dragon that’s already been unlocked.

If you want to unlock a specific dragon, it pays to save up your Golden Seeds until you have enough for it. However, if you want to unlock all the dragons at once, then go ahead and use them immediately!


Golden seeds can be used to buy exclusive items in the game. They are incredibly rare, which means it will be tough to get your hands on them. If you wish to get more golden seeds and become successful in the game, you will have to save up a lot of money.