elevator shoes for men

How to get taller – Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are not a new concept in men’s fashion. The first heeled shoes were brought to Europe by Persian emissaries in the 17th century, meant to show off their wealth and social class. King Louis XIV quickly made the trend popular in France, and for a time before the French Revolution, every male courtier wore these heeled shoes.

Eventually, a thicker heel and sole on a shoe or boot became the style for men, while the heel on women’s shoes went narrow. Today there are so many benefits to wearing a pair of well-made elevator shoes including height, style, and comfortability.

Women like men with a couple extra inches

If you have ever found yourself wondering how to get taller, elevator shoes might be your answer.

A study out of University of North Texas revealed that while only 13.5% of men wanted to date only women who were shorter than they are, a whopping 48.9% of women wanted to date only men that were taller than themselves. When asked to give a reason, the top responses were that they wanted to feel protected, and feminine.

elevator shoes for men

The conclusion can be drawn that women see taller men as stronger, and more masculine, than their shorter counterparts. Taller men report feeling more confident, attractive, and satisfied with their own appearance, both around their dating partners and in their work life. Elevator shoes are a great way to make you appear just a few inches taller quickly and easily.

Hollywood Style

Male actors have been wearing elevator shoes for years to boost their style as well as their height. If you take a peek at the feet of Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, or even Sylvester Stallone at their next red carpet event, you may be surprised to see they are rocking a lifted shoe.

The secret is that the platform is well concealed which gives an invisible height increase, so unless you are specifically looking for it, your eyes aren’t drawn to the fact that these actors are wearing elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes come in such a wide variety of styles that you can find a pair for the gym, the office, or even a black tie event. These elevator shoes appear at home next to the glitz and glam of Hollywood, and give a little extra height for the cameras.

No Sacrifice to Comfortability

A pair of well-made elevator shoes can be the most comfortable shoes you have ever owned. They are certainly more comfortable than the traditional height increasing insoles, which slope sharply from the heel down.

The risers inside of elevator shoes are flatter, keeping your foot level to the ground, so you will not feel like you’re walking on your toes. Because the insoles are made for your elevator shoe, your foot will not slide to the front of the shoe, which can cram your toes together and cause long-term health implications.

Why Elevator Shoes?

The benefits of elevator shoes are staggering. Not only will they give you a few extra inches of height – which might be exactly what your dating and work life need – and you will not be sacrificing your style or comfortability.