How You Can Land Your First Freelance Gig And What To Consider

The freelance world is going to continue to stay healthy for years to come. Not all companies need a full-time employee but rather a task to be done. Businesses of all sizes use freelancers in some capacity. Scaling with freelancers can allow a company to avoid overhiring or decreasing the quality of work due to ramping up. There are businesses that could have been saved by using freelancers appropriately rather than hiring at a rapid rate. Putting yourself out there is a numbers game so apply to as many gigs as match your skills. Below are a few tips to land your first freelance gig online and what you should consider.

Creating A Work Portfolio 

A freelancer might already have a portfolio of work that they can show potential clients. Landing a gig you work on for years can allow you to stabilize your income during this period of time. You can put this on a website or profile on a freelancer platform as will be discussed below. A freelance writer might link to their published articles or personal blog. A web designer might show something that they have done for a previous client along with a prompt. You want to showcase your skills as some platforms allow clients to reach out to specific freelancers. 

Head To A Freelancer Platform

Upwork is a publicly traded platform that helps connect companies with freelancers. There are so many projects available for those with vastly different skill levels. Platforms are going to protect freelancers immensely as some companies might take their time or not pay contractors at all. The client is also protected as some freelancers could disappear after paid a bit before work has started. You want to fill out your profile with examples of your work and other skills/qualifications. 

Cybersecurity Of Client Information 

Cybersecurity solutions are going to be so important as there are a number of scams present on freelancer platforms. Do not purchase anything immediately as you could be directed to a webpage that has been created to steal your credit card information. You also want to make sure that all information of clients is kept safe while you surf the internet. 

Consider Your Rates Carefully 

Your rates might have to be a bit lower than you’d like while building a reputation on a freelancer platform. There are some that are willing to pay premium rates while others will only pay a fraction of what a gig should pay. The question should really be what you charge for a specific project or if you work better hourly? Those that are incredibly productive should charge on a per task basis rather than hourly to maximize their income .

Freelancing can change your life as you can climb out of debt, find a work-life balance, and provide you with freedom. Finding that first gig can set yourself up for success for years to come. It just takes a few great gigs to be able to freelance full-time if you choose to do so.