Kentucky Education: Success Story in the Making

A higher education degree has the power to change the lives of students everywhere. This principle is what drives the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative forward. Launched in late 2021, this group aims to improve the workforce and economy in Kentucky through educational reform.

In recent years, the collaborative’s work has led to increased degree completions, the closing of completion gaps, and has helped the state get closer to reaching its goals. However, there are still challenges that plague the education system in Kentucky that need to be tackled. Key groups like low-income learners and adult learners are facing declining undergraduate enrollment. In addition, the state of Kentucky is below the national average for degree attainment. 

To address some of these challenges, the James Graham Brown Foundation partnered with Kentucky education systems to push forward their initiatives for change. With this financial help, the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative was able to bring people together, share tips and tricks, help students make decisions on their college future, and in turn make an impact on learners across the state.

Helping to support basic student needs, increasing retention, and working together to transform the Kentucky education system is at the core of this collaboration. With the help of donating partnerships, the future is surely bright for learners across the state.

Kentucky Student Success Story in the Making
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative