Fats to Avoid

In the past, we've often considered vegetable oils like canola to be "heart healthy". Today, we know that is far from the truth. These processed seed oils contain a great deal of polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids, which are harmful in excess and contribute to inflammation. They also contain large amounts of trans fats which contribute to heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Here are the oils to avoid:

Corn oil
Soybean oil
Cottonseed oil
Safflower oil
Sunflower oil
Canola oil

Along with these, be sure to also stay away from margarine, shortening or any butter substitutes. All of these fats and oils are highly refined and processed, contain pesticides and solvents, and have few nutrients that contribute to improved health and well-being. Corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed oils are some of the biggest genetically-modified crops in the United States. Organic versions of these oils are difficult to find in a cold-pressed, unrefined form.

There are many other tasty, nutrient-dense oils to choose from, so it’s truly in your best interest to avoid these!

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