An Ode To A Master of Meat

Herb and Salt Crusted Prime Rib

Every year my brother in law cooks his famous Herb and Salt Crusted Prime Rib and every year everyone moans with delight. He has perfected this recipe over many years and experimented repeatedly with the cooking time and temperatures to achieve a perfect medium rare. This was my first time trying his recipe and while it wasn't as good as his, everyone else thought I was a rockstar and didn't know the difference.

To this master of meat I offer up this Ode to my brother in law Brad King:

May your BBQ always have gas, and your wife always pinch your *#!!.
May your oven be steady and ready to roast, and your home filled with friends ready to toast.
May the salt on your tongue, and the wine on your lips become muscle on your hips.
And may your love of beef, and your joy of wine, continue in this Ode for all time.

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