36Brains Launches an English-Speaking Investigations Team for US companies Doing Business in Italy

New York, New York(Hexa PR Wire–February 27, 2024)36Brains, the European-based company specialized in corporate intelligence and business investigations, announces the launch of a unit dedicated to investigating whistleblowing reports for US company affiliates after a groundbreaking update to the Italian legal framework.

With Italy intensifying its fight against corruption, through significant revisions to its legal framework aimed at bolstering whistleblower protection, 36Brains makes sure to stand by American companies doing business in Europe as their trusted European advisor for corporate intelligence and business investigations services.

Marianna Vintiadis, CEO and Co-Founder of 36Brains
Marianna Vintiadis, CEO and Co-Founder of 36Brains

The enactment of Legislative Decree 24 on March 10, 2023, represents a substantial step forward. With its latest update, effective since December 17, 2023, companies conducting business in Italy with a workforce of at least 50 employees, or those operating under a 231 organizational model, are now mandated to establish compliant anonymous reporting channels for whistleblowers. Additionally, the decree imposes compulsory internal investigations into reported misconduct, regardless of the severity of the allegations. The Decree is aligned with the EU Directive 2019/1937, according to which European Union Member States are obliged to implement robust legal frameworks, ensuring the establishment of accessible reporting channels and the enforcement of measures to safeguard confidentiality. These regulatory changes may pose challenges for US companies conducting business with EU countries, as they navigate potential regulatory risks that heighten the complexity of investigative activities in Europe.

36Brains reports that the implementation of stricter regulations is already showing evidence that stakeholders are becoming more inclined to report instances of misconduct and unethical behavior within their organizations. As a result, companies are facing a growing need for internal investigations to address these allegations promptly and effectively. However, conducting such investigations in Italy presents unique challenges, as the process is highly regulated and subject to stringent country-specific privacy laws. Of particular concern are the protections afforded to employee emails, which must be collected and handled in a compliant manner to avoid legal repercussions.

Recognizing the escalating demand for compliant internal investigations in Italy, 36Brains has taken proactive steps. The European corporate intelligence powerhouse has developed an internal English-speaking team dedicated to supporting American companies in navigating the intricacies of conducting investigations in the Italian regulatory landscape. The specialized unit possesses in-depth knowledge of Italian and European laws and regulations, ensuring that investigations are conducted in accordance with local legal requirements and best practices. By leveraging local expertise and insights, they can assist clients in conducting thorough and effective investigations while mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

Since the implementation of the new law, we have witnessed a general noticeable surge in demand for internal investigations” states Marianna Vintiadis, CEO and Co-Founder of 36Brains. “However, we have also observed numerous missteps. Many projects end in disappointment due to non-compliance in the collection of evidence, allowing significant frauds to evade accountability simply because a case was mishandled. Having operated frequently in the US, we are well aware that labor and privacy laws are very different. As the only purely European player in the corporate intelligence field, we can ensure that our US clients can navigate the complex regulatory landscape of our region proficiently, ensuring compliance and global success”.

About 36Brains

36Brains, headquartered in Milan’s historic Palazzo Stelline, facing Leonardo’s Last Supper, with an outpost in vibrant Berlin, it stands as a beacon in the corporate intelligence arena. Co-founders Marianna Vintiadis and Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro have crafted a suite of high-impact corporate intelligence, investigative and forensic services, serving a diverse and international clientele of corporations, law firms, investment funds and public administrations. At the heart of our success? A potent fusion of innovative technology and a cadre of brilliant, young intellects.

Marianna Vintiadis is a Co-Founder and CEO of 36Brains. A Cambridge economics graduate, she devoted many years to research and teaching. Upon her return to Italy, she directed the South European operations of the American multinational Kroll for nearly twenty years, conducting delicate and complex operations in many jurisdictions. Already a pioneer of forensic technologies for investigative purposes, she became a key protagonist of the Italian cyber scene in the mid-2000s.

Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro is a Co-Founder of 36Brains. A Milan University law graduate and holder of an MA in International Security from the American University of Cairo, he began his career in the world of corporate intelligence in Dubai. Later, having qualified to practice as a lawyer, he immediately distinguished himself by bringing technological innovation to the sector of corporate criminal law.

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