Hire a Publicist to become Famous

Hire a Publicist to become Famous

Hire a Publicist to become Famous – At its most basic, PR is the practice of helping people and products become famous. Doing this successfully requires skill and hard work, it’s not nearly as complex as some PR firms make it seem. Our client Jo Emerson has had great success with PR throughout both the UK and international media (her appearances include Prima, Good Housekeeping, US News & World Report, Guardian, Metro, Woman magazine, ASOS Likes) – you too can achieve similar success by following these three straightforward steps.

Jo may not yet be a household name, but her reputation in the media is growing rapidly. Journalists are beginning to approach her directly for quotes and ideas. With this trajectory in place, it won’t be long until Jo becomes one of the UK’s most famous confidence coaches! Here is our guide for becoming famous – using Jo as an example!

BECOME NOTORIOUS STEP 1: Master Personal Branding

“Personal branding” can be a difficult concept to define, but its significance should not be undervalued. When marketing yourself in the media, personal branding helps ensure you appear as the right person for each situation.

Jo’s personal branding is impeccable. Journalists searching for a life coach to quote will find her to meet their standards, giving them confidence their readers will accept her expertise on the topic at hand. Jo exudes confidence yet remains approachable; her website, images and messaging all convey an inviting atmosphere while remaining professional at the same time.

Jo’s personal branding is genuine and authentic (journalists and readers can tell a fake from miles away), yet she has invested carefully in good design and professional photography to showcase her genuine personality. When it comes to making an effective first impression (whether online or in person), attention to detail is paramount.

Jo is a life coach with the usual qualifications, plus an online confidence course and book in development (Flying for Beginners!). These elements of her personal branding are important because they demonstrate her expertise – nothing quite beats having a book to prove one’s expertise to journalists or producers!

BECOME FAMOUS STEP 2 Make Journalists Happy

Journalists love to provide gripping content for their reader, viewers and listeners but remember they’re also human beings with busy lives too – they like to finish work early on Friday afternoons just as much as everyone else. With ever increasing pressure to produce quality material quickly, any effort you can make will win you fans in the media. If you want to become famous, figuring out how to make life simpler for journalists will be half the battle won.

Why its important to hire a publicist?

Jo’s ability to be ultra-responsive to journalist inquiries is one of her greatest assets, as evidenced by her recent appearance in The Guardian. We saw Kirstie Brewer’s request on Twitter for expert opinion on confidence and were able to deliver finished copy from Jo within 26 minutes of her tweet – no joke!


PR is no easy feat, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea to hire someone for the job. Here are the main advantages of having someone else assist with becoming famous:


Sometimes it can be challenging to recognize your best qualities in yourself. Misinterpreting which traits make for great media material or failing to recognize strengths altogether are unfortunately common occurrences. If success is your ultimate goal, seeking outside assistance from an objective third party who can assess your potential is much simpler than doing it alone.


Journalists and producers expect media personalities to be represented by someone. In a sense, having a PR company assist you with becoming famous is part of your personal branding (step 1).


If you want to become famous, chances are good that you have never done this before (or else you would already be famous!). A reliable PR firm will have extensive experience dealing with journalists on a daily (or even hourly) basis. They understand what topics journalists frequently request expertise on and how best to satisfy those requests (step 2).

Please be aware that ‘having contacts’ is not enough to guarantee success in the media. Media connections are useful, but not as essential as some might lead you to believe. While knowing a journalist can be beneficial, long gone are the days when media heavyweights would run duff stories as a favor for someone from their childhood. In order to become famous, you need something worth covering that the media will take interest in; and if you already have something worth covering, long-standing connections with journalists won’t do you any favors either.

Are you dreaming of becoming famous? Don’t expect it to happen by chance. With so many people competing for media attention, don’t wait – take our three step process and think about what you would like to be known for, then give us a call – we would be delighted to hear from you!

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