Signs That You Could Be Developing A Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse ranges widely when it comes to the people that it impacts. Millions of people around the world form addictions annually. The truth is that some people think they are having fun until they realize they never want the party to stop. The pandemic shed light on how much people abuse substances when they are extremely bored without anything to do. Falling into addiction can happen very quickly so it is important to be realistic about your limitations. Addiction is something that only worsens over the course of time so addressing it now is very important. The following are signs you could be developing a substance abuse problem. 

Legal Issues

Arrests can arise from addiction for a variety of charges from DUI/DWI to theft to feed an addiction. A criminal defense attorney can be a huge help in your case. You want to invest in a private attorney as a number of public defenders have a huge caseload. Finding help for your substance abuse problem is very important even if you have not been arrested. An experienced attorney might be able to find a plea deal that the prosecution will accept. You might have the charges dropped for a variety of reasons but finding help will be the most important thing you can do. 

Financial Problems

Feeding an addiction can be very expensive regardless of what your substance of choice is. If you find that your debt is starting to increase, this could be a sign it is time to get some help. Your performance at work could decline which can lead to termination and further financial strain.  

Your Physical/Mental Health Starts To Decline

Your physical state is going to decline if you are abusing drugs or alcohol regularly. You might see that you gain quite a bit of weight or lose weight. Sleep might not come easily and the quality of sleep you are getting if you drink nightly is likely low-quality. Alcohol can interrupt REM sleep patterns which is when the body and mind recover the best. 


Mental health issues can be a trigger of substance abuse in a number of cases. Coping with massive amounts of stress might lead a person to want to have a few alcoholic beverages. The trouble with this is that you might start drinking more and more if your stress continues to increase. 

You Begin Withdrawing From Friends And Family 

Hiding an addiction can be a full-time job for certain individuals. Withdrawing from friends or family that could judge you is a sign you know you have a problem. There is such a stigma with addiction that some have that it can be wise not to admit the problem to certain people. Admitting you have a problem should be a step in trying to get help rather than justify your actions to others. 

Substance abuse problems need to be addressed as soon as possible. Falling deep into addiction can make it far more difficult to overcome.