something different to cook this holiday

Want Something Different To Cook This Holiday?

Every year I look forward to a warm fire crackling in the fireplace, spending time with good friends, and your not so typical holiday meal. Am I the only one who wants something different to cook this holiday? Call me crazy for not drooling over the traditional turkey, but a succulent crisp, juicy duck paired with cherries, and a lovely glass of pinot noir is what gets my gastric juices flowing. Mmmmm.
As a nutritional therapist, making good decisions regarding food is important. As a food connoisseur, good tasting healthy food is even more important. So enjoy the following tasty recipe, knowing that it is laden with healthy natural fats that are good for the skin, hair and immune system. When it comes to cooking something different this holiday, this is a great option!
Seared Duck with Cherry Red Wine Reduction Sauce