The Art of Mixing And Matching Indoor Bar Stools in Your Space

People often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. It may also serve as the centerpiece of an open floor plan, allowing people to view the living and dining areas of the home from the kitchen. To enhance this space’s visual appeal and functionality, homeowners should mix and match bar stools with other furnishings in the house. A person can create a dynamic and stylish kitchen with the right pieces. 

Diverse Styles

There is no reason to choose one bar stool style and use it throughout the kitchen. Mixing and matching styles adds depth and interest. For example, a person might choose indoor bar stools that combine traditional weaving with a modern design. They can then use other woven pieces in the living and dining areas or add modern touches while still having a well-coordinated look. 

Layer Materials

Combine materials rather than choose the same one throughout the open floor plan. If the home has predominantly wooden furnishings, purchase bar stools with wood metal frames and seats. The metal adds a modern feel to the space while ensuring the furnishings are warm and inviting. The contrast is pleasing to the eye. 

Glass and upholstery go well together. Imagine a glass dining table and barstools with plush velvet seats. The velvet adds another layer of refinement to the space through the contrasting materials. 

Choose barstools with different textures. Metal and woven rattan work well together, and this is only one combination to consider. Teak wood and upholstered seating is another. 

Color Options

When choosing barstools of differing materials and textures, stay within the same color palette. This doesn’t mean the same color must be used throughout the space. Consider contrasting colors or colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel. If neutral colors currently dominate the space, add a splash of color with the barstools. Colors evoke emotions while setting the tone for the room. Play with different combinations until the right mix is found. 

Heights and Proportions

Homeowners must find the right balance between height and proportion when choosing barstools. The layout and size of the kitchen play a role in these elements. The barstools and countertops should align for a cohesive look. Choose stools that don’t overwhelm other pieces in the room or look incredibly tiny next to the other furnishings. Backless and low-back stools are ideal for small spaces but may not work in a large, open kitchen. Ensure the stools won’t interfere with the natural traffic flow in the room either. 

Personal Touches

Every person has their taste in furnishings, and the barstools should reflect this. Don’t purchase modern barstools if the rest of the home contains traditional furnishings. The barstools will look out of place, and nobody will want to use them. On the other hand, conventional barstools in a contemporary home will be offputting. Choose stools that share information about the owner and what they love. Men and women who do so will find the stools used more often because they blend in with the rest of the home. 

Mixing and matching barstools and other furnishings isn’t easy. When choosing these pieces, one has to find the right materials, colors, textures, and styles. The time spent doing so is worthwhile when the finished look is harmonious and inviting. People will want to gather in the kitchen, which will truly become the heart of the home, where love is found.