The Farmers Markets of Louisville, Kentucky

If you are looking for a way to meet new people, try new things, support your community, and have fun while doing it, then look no further than the Farmers markets in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is home to some of the best markets in the state, offering a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, pastries, homemade goods, and even live entertainment. Throughout the year, these markets provide a space for local vendors to support their livelihoods as well as bring fun and unity to the community. 

There is something for everyone at these markets, whether you are with your family, friends, or visiting on your own. Foodies may find their place at Saint Matthews Farmers Market, where vendors offer the finest meats, cheese, eggs, fruits, and vegetables. All locally grown in Kentucky and Indiana, there are so many brands and variations to taste. Families may prefer the Douglass Loop Farmers Market, featuring not only fresh goods, but also a playground, live music, and it is dog friendly. Coffee lovers may like Gray Street Farmers Market, which is best known for its sweet treats and assortment of coffee. 

Some of the best Louisville farmers markets are listed here. Farmers markets may be only one of the many attractions that make this city the place to be, but play a huge role in the success of the community and its people.