The Role of Dirt Bike Graphics in Boosting Your Off-Road Style

Graphics do more than add to a dirt bike’s visual appeal. The graphics also protect the bike from harm. Many kits exist today, so every rider should find one they love. In addition, riders can usually install the graphics without help. 

What Are Dirt Bike Graphics? 

Honda dirt bike graphics are decals or stickers that attach to the plastic parts of a bike and are created for the specific make, model, and year of the bike. The graphics come in different colors, designs, and sizes, making it easy for owners to find a set they love. Some graphics cover part of the plastic, while others cover all plastic sections on the bike. 

How Are Dirt Bike Graphics Made? 

Manufacturers create dirt bike graphics using vinyl sheets they cut with a laser. The decals come in several thicknesses, and the price increases as the thickness increases. However, thickness also plays a role in the durability of the stickers. Choose from matte and gloss options. Some decals come perforated, such as those used around the gas tank or radiator shrouds. 

The Benefits of Graphics 

Graphics protect the plastic from harm. A dirt bike looks old and used when the plastic parts are scratched and scuffed. Placing decals on the plastic protects it from this damage. Add graphics to the front fork tubes, rear swingarm, and more to keep them from being damaged, as this damage lowers the bike’s value. If the owner doesn’t want decals in these areas, they can use transparent sheets of protective vinyl and get similar results. 

Some graphics add friction, which many riders appreciate. This friction helps them maintain the correct riding position. Other graphics reduce friction, allowing the rider to slide around more. 

Decals and stickers help keep the bike clean. The smooth surface of the graphics and the vinyl material repel dirt buildup, which adds to the bike’s style and reduces its weight. The rider can go faster when the bike is clean and dirt-free. 

UV radiation can harm the plastic on a dirt bike. Graphics reduce the plastic’s exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, which makes it last longer. UV radiation exposure leads to brittle plastic. 

Kit Options

Individuals who want to change the whole look of their bike need a full graphics kit. This kit contains decals or stickers for all plastic bike parts. Trim kits, in contrast, only cover the fenders, fork tubes, and fork deflectors. Other options include radiator shroud kits and number plate kits. 

Choosing a Graphics Kit

When comparing graphics kits, check the material thickness. Thicker materials offer more protection. Determine whether the desired kit will fit your bike year, make, and model. Consider mixing and matching kits for a unique look or custom design a kit specifically for your bike. Before purchasing, read reviews to learn what others think about the selected kits. 

Installing the Graphics

Installing dirt bike graphics isn’t difficult. In fact, most people complete the installation in a few hours. Before opening the kit, remove old decals, clean all plastic parts on the bike, and restore those that are worn out. Preparing the surface for new graphics will provide the best results. 

Follow all manufacturer’s instructions when installing the graphics to get the best results. People who take time to choose and install dirt bike graphics find they are happier with the result. Learn more today to see which kit is right for your machine.