What is The Mandela Effect? And How Does it Impact You?

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where large groups of people all share a slightly altered recollection of an event. These events are more commonly movies or TV shows, but the original event to coin the term was the death of Nelson Mandela being misremembered in the year 1980 when in reality he passed in 2013.

Some examples of events being contorted by many in the Mandela Effect are in the famous original trilogy of Star Wars, containing the well-known line “Luke, I am your father”. However, this quote was never said. Darth Vader really said “No, I am your father”

The cause of the phenomenon isn’t fully known, however many point to psychological influences like conformity, source-memory errors, imagination inflation, and false memories. Most of the examples of the Mandela effect are irrelevant and insignificant. Although misinformation on a widespread scale is generally restricted to a movie line or a one-letter difference in the spelling of a book, individuals can be swayed to believe things far easier. 30 percent of people could be convinced of experiencing a false autobiographical event.

Learn more about the Mandela effect and its effect on you and how to prevent it from entering your life in the infographic below

Mandela Effect
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