dani's famous salty roasted chicken thighs

A Desperate Need for Salty Roasted Chicken Thighs

Week two of the No Sugar Challenge is almost over, how have you been doing? My partner can’t quite seem to be satisfied without something sweet and is still in the throws of sugary sweet cravings.
Taking a back seat to sugar is never fun, so I decided to make one of his favorite recipes this week to continue to soothe him and take his mind off the fact that he is avoiding sugar. Enter Dani’s Famous Salty Roasted Chicken Thighs! This recipe is seriously like taking out the big guns when I want to get closer to his heart. All I have to do is is bring the chicken thighs home and if he sees them, he gets excited! It’s kind of like a Pavlov’s Dogs situation— sight of chicken thighs = drooling. I have to say, even I get a bit excited when I start to smell the combination of chicken, garlic and fat…. yummmm.
There is just something about good old fashioned fried crispy chicken, isn’t there? While this recipe does not have the flour breading, it most certainly has the flavor. My secret is using a heavy hand with the salt and mincing the garlic as finely as possible.
Try it out for yourself!