What to Do with Seeded Bud

What to Do with Seeded Bud. For those who don’t know seeded bud is the term used whenever you have pollen sacks. These are located right behind the “balls” as you can see in the picture above. Normally when plants flower, they have both male and female parts but seeds goners prevent that so all they can do is produce pollen (for more information on auto-flowering plants, check out my article here:  http://www.fluidgrow.com/auto-flowering-plants) . However, in the event that your plant does become seedless then it’s not a big deal because there’s still plenty of good things that can be done with seeded bud.

 What Exactly Is Seeded Bud?

Seeded bud, or sinsemilla, is a Spanish word that means “without seeds.” It’s the name given to cannabis that has been pollinated and is therefore not suitable for growing marijuana plants. A mature marijuana plant will produce both male and female flowers. The female flower buds are what you smoke, while the male flowers are useless and must be removed from your plants as soon as possible.

Why Grow Seedless Marijuana?

Seeded marijuana is of little use to growers because it only produces flowers that contain seeds. These seeds can be used to grow new cannabis plants, but this means you have to wait for your crop to mature and then harvest it before you can smoke any of it. Seedless weed is much more convenient for smokers because it allows them to enjoy their weed immediately after harvesting without having to wait for their new plants to mature first.

 The Primary Benefit of Seeded Bud

The primary benefit of seeded bud is that it’s the most consistent way to create a high-quality product.

The other benefits include:

  • Lower cost – When you harvest at the same time and use the same techniques, you’re able to use less labor, which saves money.
  • Large yields – The plants continue growing for weeks after they’ve been cut down, so the yield is much higher than with other methods.
  • Fewer customers – You can sell it to a few people or a lot of people, but either way, your cost per sale will be lower than if you’re selling buds that have already been separated and manicured by someone else.

What to Do with All Of Your Seeds

If you’re a cannabis grower, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of seeded bud. If not, here’s a simple definition: Seeded bud is a type of marijuana that contains seeds in its trichomes.

If you’re growing your own weed and want to avoid seeded bud, then it’s important to know how to prevent it. But what if you don’t mind having some seeds in your bud? What do you do with all of those extra seeds?

There are plenty of ways to use your seeded buds besides smoking them or cooking them into edibles. Here are seven ways that you can use all of those extra seeds!

Why is Seeded Bud Bad?

Seeded bud is bad because it can contaminate your grow and ruin the entire crop. It also has a very high germination rate, so if you let that plant grow in your garden or stash, you will get seeds everywhere.

The only way to stop these seeds from germinating is to bake them at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. This will kill all living organisms, but you have to make sure that every seed has been exposed to the heat for long enough (or else they will simply start germinating again). Once they have been baked, they are safe to use as normal buds.

If you have already grown seeded bud, then there are ways to remove the seeds from your plants before they grow into adult

 What to Do with Your Seeded Bud

Seeded weed is most often a result of poor growing conditions. Very humid, warm environments are the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. These conditions can also cause your bud to develop seeds. If you notice that your buds are seeded, there are a few things you can do with them.

If the seed pods are soft and easy to remove from the bud, it’s probably safe to smoke them. If they seem hard or difficult to remove, or if there are many of them on each bud, then it’s probably better not to smoke this weed.

If you want to smoke seedy buds, try removing all of the seeds before smoking them. Some people recommend eating them as well, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you know what kind of seed it is (there are some pretty nasty ones out there).


Seeded buds are a relatively common occurrence for those who grow their own, and it’s something that can’t be avoided. In fact, it’s so common, many end up wondering if there is anything they do to the bud that causes the seeds to appear, or just hoping that the seeds will fall away once the plant is trimmed. And as for what you should do with seeded buds? Well, that depends on your goals for growing weed in the first place.